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Lobbying Costs


Financial year: Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

Lobbyists (Full time equivalent)

4.75 Fte (12)

Lobbyists with EP accreditation


High-level Commission meetings


Lobbying Costs over the years

  • Info

    Aspect   (Aspect)

    EU Transparency Register

    15392729381-19 First registered on 22 Aug 2012

    Goals / Remit

    Aspect is a strategic consultancy first and foremost. We help our clients relate their business challenges to the world around them, identify the key factors and priority areas for action, and devise strategic approaches that
    improve reputation. We enable our clients to successfully navigate the increasingly complex and challenging communications environment by identifying the most appropriate approaches, tools and tactics to deliver their programme, offline and online, adopting a classic ‘channel neutral’ approach.

    While embracing the potential of new communication channels, we believe that intelligent and compelling content is the foundation for successful corporate communications. We translate business strategy into actionable communications campaigns - which often means not just working with client headquarters but also with business units to deliver. We build and manage corporate reputations, protecting them, through the identification and management of issues before they become a crisis.

    Our areas of expertise include:
    •Communications strategy development
    •Messaging and positioning
    •Institutional Relationship Building
    •Issues and crisis preparedness and management
    •Stakeholder relations
    •Optimising communication structures
    •Strategy communication
    •International implementation
    •Media relations

    Main EU files targeted

    Energy Security
    Energy efficiency
    Post-2020 CO2 Transport Emissions
    Renewables & Biofuels
    Cyber Security
    Digital Agenda
    Digital Single Market & Connected Continent
    Big Data
    Towards a thriving data-driven economy
    Common European Data Protection Reform
    E-Privacy Directive
    Review of 2009 Telecoms Framework
    Ultra High Frequency Radio Spectrum
    Natural Resources
    Industrial Renaissance
    EU Enlargement
    Homeland Security
    Comprehensive European Security Agenda
    Border Management (Schengen)
    Critical Infrastructure Protection
    Connected Vehicles
    Connecting Europe Facility
    Regional Development
    Horizon 2020


    Head Office
    Avenue Louise, 120
    Brussels 1000
  • People

    Total lobbyists declared


    Employment timeLobbyists

    Lobbyists (Full time equivalent)


    Lobbyists with EP accreditation

    All Lobbyists with EP accreditation over time

    3 accreditations were / are live (in bold) for the selected state of 12 Apr 2017

    Name Start date End Date
    Mr Franz KRAUS 21 Jun 2019 20 Jun 2020
    Mr Oliver Frans Green 12 Feb 2019 01 Feb 2020
    Ms Sylvie Laure Isabelle AITKEN 01 Feb 2019 01 Feb 2020
    Mr Nitsan MANBAR 13 Dec 2018 31 Oct 2019
    Mr Lutz MEYER 13 Dec 2018 13 Dec 2019
    Mr Lukasz Marcin BOCHENEK 13 Dec 2018 13 Dec 2019
    Mr Jeremy Robert JONES 13 Dec 2018 13 Dec 2019
    Ms Larisa PIRCALABELU 12 Jun 2018 05 Oct 2018
    Ms Paula Calabuig 12 Jun 2018 12 Jun 2019
    Mr Andrei Cazacu 12 Jun 2018 12 Jun 2019
    Mr Franz KRAUS 12 Jun 2018 12 Jun 2019
    Ms JESSICA BROBALD 18 May 2018 18 May 2019
    Mr Nitsan MANBAR 20 Nov 2017 16 Nov 2018
    Ms Sylvie Laure Isabelle AITKEN 20 Nov 2017 16 Nov 2018
    Mr Oliver Frans Green 20 Nov 2017 16 Nov 2018
    Ms Larisa PIRCALABELU 27 Jun 2017 12 Jun 2018
    Ms Paula Calabuig 27 Jun 2017 12 Jun 2018
    Ms JESSICA BROBALD 09 Jun 2017 18 May 2018
    Mr Franz KRAUS 28 Apr 2017 27 Apr 2018
    Mr Andrei Cazacu 21 Feb 2017 17 Feb 2018
    Ms Larisa PIRCALABELU 19 Jul 2016 28 Jun 2017
    Ms Paula Calabuig 28 Jun 2016 28 Jun 2017
    Mr Sebastiaan Batelaan 27 Nov 2015 25 Nov 2016
    Ms Albana Xhixha 14 Aug 2015 11 Aug 2016
    Ms Anna Burton Garcia 20 Jan 2015 13 Aug 2015
    Ms Jacqueline Hogue 13 Jan 2015 08 Jan 2016
    Mr Philip Delistoyanov 04 Nov 2014 12 Feb 2015
    Mr Sebastiaan Batelaan 24 Oct 2014 02 Oct 2015
    Ms Albana Xhixha 13 Sep 2014 14 Aug 2015
    Mr Philip Delistoyanov 05 Dec 2013 04 Nov 2014
    Ms Albana Xhixha 14 Sep 2013 12 Sep 2014
    Mr Oliver Frans Green 14 Sep 2013 13 Sep 2014
    Mr Aymeric Leruste 11 Sep 2013 15 Jan 2014
    Mr Aymeric Leruste 18 Dec 2012 12 Sep 2013
    Ms Tybee Kiejdan 01 Nov 2012 17 Jun 2013
    Ms Albana Xhixha 05 Oct 2012 14 Sep 2013

    Complementary Information

    - James Hunt, Founding Partner & CEO
    - Frans Green, Founding Partner & Managing Director
    - Sylvie Aitken, Partner
    - Eliot Edwards, Director Public Affairs
    - Jacqueline Hogue, Senior Consultant
    - Evan O'Connell, Senior Consultant
    - Diego Massimiliano De Giorgi, Strategic Partnerships
    - Larisa Pircalabelu, Senior Consultant
    - Paula Calabuig Domingo, Consultant
    - Esther Tenge, Consultant
    - Andrei Cazacu, Consulting Support

    Person in charge of EU relations

    Mr Eliot Edwards (Public Affairs Director)

    Person with legal responsibility

    Mr James Hunt (CEO and Founding Partner)

  • Categories


    I - Professional consultancies/law firms/self-employed consultants


    Professional consultancies

  • Networking


    Society of European Affairs Professionals (SEAP)

    Member organisations

    None declared

  • Financial Data

    Closed financial year

    Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

    Lobbying costs for closed financial year


    Other financial info

    The financial information submitted has been calculated according to the SEAP guidelines.

    Declared lobby clients

    Client Name Amount
    ACEA 300,000€ - 399,999€
    Amway 25,000€ - 49,999€
    Ceereal 100,000€ - 199,999€
    European Chemical Industry Council 0€ - 9,999€
    European Coffee Federation 10,000€ - 24,999€
    Foreign Trade Association 0€ - 9,999€
    International Sweetners Association 50,000€ - 99,999€
    Kellogg 50,000€ - 99,999€
    Mondelez 25,000€ - 49,999€
    Municipality of Cair 25,000€ - 49,999€
    Tata 25,000€ - 49,999€
    Uber 0€ - 9,999€
    Velux 50,000€ - 99,999€
    WISE 25,000€ - 49,999€
  • EU Structures

    Groups (European Commission)




    Groups (European Parliament)


    Other activities

    In a public affairs arena that is saturated with trade associations and NGOs, the impact of traditional communications is limited. Aspect brings a new way of thinking to public affairs by combining its know-how of the Brussels political scene with an approach based on strategic corporate communications.

    Today’s political climate is extremely complex and competitive, and heavily influenced by a range of different (and often competing) interests. Getting yourself heard and consistently understood is no simple task.

    With extensive experience of European public affairs, lobbying and issues management, and an excellent understanding of international media, Aspect has the expertise to provide support that makes a difference.
    We approach political communications as it should be done, recognising the range of influences that coalesce to form opinions among decision-makers. We recognise the equal importance of formal and informal channels and influencers, news media and NGOs, commentators and academics as well as elected politicians or officials or civil servants. All contribute to the creation of ideas and attitudes, and all have their place in the strategy.

    Our areas of expertise include:
    • Governmental communications
    • Coalition building and campaigning
    • Brussels press corps media relations

  • Meetings


    6 meetings found. Download meetings

    The list below only covers meetings held since November 2014 with commissioners, their cabinet members or directors-general at the European Commission; other lobby meetings with lower-level staff may have taken place, but the European Commission doesn't publish information about such meetings. All information below comes from European Commission web pages.

    • Date 05 Jun 2018 Location Brussels
      Subject - Introduction of WISE - Women in Digitalization
      Cabinet Cabinet of Commissioner Mariya Gabriel
      Portfolio Digital Economy and Society
      • Eric Peters (Cabinet member)
      Other Lobbyists
    • Date 31 Jan 2017 Location Brussels
      Subject Meeting with the Founder & CEO of The Ocean Cleanup/ Presentation of The Ocean Cleanup initiative
      Cabinet Cabinet of Commissioner Carlos Moedas
      Portfolio Research, Science and Innovation
      • Robert Schröder (Cabinet member)
      • Carlos Moedas (Commissioner)
    • Date 30 Jan 2017 Location Brussels
      Subject Ocean governance, Our Ocean Conference, marine litter
      Cabinet Cabinet of Vice-President Karmenu Vella
      Portfolio Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
      • Karmenu Vella (Commissioner)
      • Andras Inotai (Cabinet member)
    • Date 27 Sep 2016 Location Brussels
      Subject Meeting with Dr Sakena Yacoobi, Chief Executive Officer of the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) and representatives of the WISE Qatar Foundation to discuss inclusive education for refugees
      Cabinet Cabinet of Commissioner Tibor Navracsics
      Portfolio Education, Culture, Youth and Sport
      • Rodrigo Ballester (Cabinet member)
    • Date 06 Sep 2016 Location Brussels
      Subject The Ocean cleanup
      Cabinet Cabinet of Commissioner Carlos Moedas
      Portfolio Research, Science and Innovation
      • Robert Schröder (Cabinet member)
    • Date 06 Sep 2016 Location Brussels
      Subject Marine Pollution, Plastics, The Ocean Cleanup Project
      Cabinet Cabinet of Vice-President Karmenu Vella
      Portfolio Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
      • Andras Inotai (Cabinet member)
      • Aurore Maillet (Cabinet member)
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