Coalition for Digital Ads of SMEs

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Registration as it was on 01 Mar 2023
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  • Info

    Coalition for Digital Ads of SMEs   (CDA)

    EU Transparency Register

    608793149259-28 First registered on 27 Feb 2023

    Goals / Remit

    *THE AD-HOC COALITON FOR DIGITAL ADS FOR SMEs was active from Nov 2021 to Jun 2022*

    The Coalition for Digital Ads of SMEs is deeply concerned by proposals to initiate restrictions on personalised marketing across the EU and the impact a ban could have on SMEs.

    The coalition has been established by likeminded SME Connect members and partners and represents their shared position on this crucial topic.

    The main task of the CDA are as follows:
    a) to increase public awareness on this topic and the
    position of the initiators
    b) to motivate SME associations to get involved and become active
    c) to inform each other about activities and to invite each other to do so
    d) to discuss the technical and economic consequences of the legislation

    Main EU files targeted

    - Digital Services Act 2020/0361(COD)

    -> 4 core statements of the CDA:
    a) Reject unclear rules for personalised online
    b) Keep the online experience functional while making opting out easy
    c) Boost transparency and trust across the digital ads ecosystem
    d) Engage with SMEs to develop workable online regulation that won’t cost jobs.


    Head Office
    Rue de Pascale 22
    Brussels 1040
    EU Office
    Rue de Pascale 22
    Brussels 1040


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    SME Connect is administratively supporting the Coalition. The Coalition doesn't have staff itself.

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