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    Dogwood Alliance

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    112433215717-18 First registered on 21 Jan 2015

    Goals / Remit

    Dogwood Alliance mobilizes the public and exposes the truth about forest destruction and deforestation to inspire individuals, communities, corporations, and government to take action. At the same time, we work collaboratively with industry leaders to put innovative business solutions to work that result in more protected Southern forests.

    We have convinced some of the world’s largest corporations (Staples, McDonald’s, KFC, Georgia-Pacific, etc.) to transform their environmental practices and take action to improve forest conservation in the South, across the nation, and around the world.

    The bottom line? We’ve increased protection for millions of acres of Southern forests through transforming the forest products industry.

    Our success in creating change in the paper industry has positioned us as a leading resource for potential solutions to emerging threats to Southern forests, such as bioenergy. Large utility companies are gearing up to burn trees as a “renewable” energy alternative to fossil fuels even though science documents that burning wood for electricity will increase carbon emissions, air pollution, and destructive industrial logging.

    Using our combination of grassroots pressure, skillful negotiation, and meaningful collaboration, we are prepared to protect forests now and far into the future.

    Our main focus is protecting the forests of the Southern US, we will focus on:

    1. The protection, conservation, and restoration on Endangered Forests.

    2. Improve the management of forests around the region, working to stop the most egregious practices including ending large-scale clearcutting, the use of toxic chemicals in forest management, and the conversion of natural forests and wetlands to tree plantations.

    3. Decrease the over-utilization of paper products and increase the use of post-consumer recycled fiber in the production of paper.

    4. End the wide-scale use of forests for industrial-scale electricity generation.

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    Biltmore Ave
    Asheville, NC 28801
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    Mr Adam Macon (Campaign Director)

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