LC Macro Advisors Ltd

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No longer registered - Registration as it was on 29 Oct 2018
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Financial year: Feb 2017 - Jan 2018

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    LC Macro Advisors Ltd   (LC-MA)

    EU Transparency Register

    815360132971-40 First registered on 22 Oct 2018

    Goals / Remit

    A London-based provider of independent, rigorous, straight-talking macroeconomic analysis, forecasts, and consultancy. Insightful analysis, succinct and easy-to-digest reports. A research service to help clients make better decisions, complementary to the baseline economic research provided by investment banks. A research focus on market-relevant topics, with policy implications, on Eurozone economic developments (on aggregate), ECB monetary policy, fiscal policy in the EU/Eurozone and specific issues and market relevant debates in Brussels. Specific attention to developments of the Italian economy and of countries that could become problematic or provide good opportunities such as Greece.

    Main EU files targeted

    LC macro Advisors Ltd is a macroeconomics research advisory company. It advises financial institutions on all major macro-relevant policies in the EU/Eurozone, including fiscal policy, monetary policy, regulatory policy relevant for the macro picture. My organisation does not follow any specific EU policy or legislative proposals as it is not involved in any lobbying or advocacy activity. It is purely a macroeconomics advisory company, which benefit from interaction with policymakers and senior officials to improve its analytical quality and content as well as the support to its clients.


    Head Office
    Chevender Cottage
    Prince Imperial Road
    Chislehurst, Kent BR7 5LX
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    Mr Lorenzo Codogno (Founder and Chief Economist)

    Person with legal responsibility

    Mr Lorenzo Codogno (Founder and Chief Economist)

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    Feb 2017 - Jan 2018

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    LC-MA is a private company. There is no Budget. There is an annual income statement and balance sheet.

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