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100,000€ - 199,999€

Financial year: Jan 2022 - Dec 2022

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    EU Transparency Register

    51080067776-74 First registered on 19 Jan 2012

    Goals / Remit

    EuroGeographics is an independent, non for profit international association representing Europe’s National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authorities. EuroGeographics believes in a society empowered by the use of trusted geospatial services from its members and realises this vision by: Enabling access to official high-value European geospatial data to provide fundamental information about location to find solutions for global challenges; Sharing expertise and best practice in pan-European data production and its integration into the infrastructures we rely upon as a modern society; Demonstrating the use and value of location to link information and action across national boundaries to benefit people and planet. Today, our members provide much more than traditional maps. From climate change and emergency response, to travelling by public transport, and buying and registering a home, their data is fundamental to everyday life, and to finding solutions to meet global challenges.

    Main EU files targeted

    European Strategy for Data is considered by our members as an important development of the digital single market and look forward to the very real contribution in all stages of the development that can make to the Strategy’s success.
    Open data and PSI Directive: our members actively promote the re-use of the open data they provide in the wider public interest and over time have created a well-established system of inter-related uses and users of both, national, and pan-european levels.
    Implementing Act on High Value Datasets: Our members are holders of a significant number of HVD; play an important role in creating a single market for data and are keen to effectively implement this Regulation and increase the availability of their data in the single market. Believe that this goal can only be achieved as a joint vision and action of policymakers, data holders and data users, and we are pleased that the rules show a coordinated approach regarding the technical specification.
    INSPIRE Directive: Our members have made significant efforts to implement the INSPIRE which, however, was not easy, and whilst the Directive most certainly provides leverage for opening up access to sources of authoritative geospatial information, it has not led to full harmonisation or usage of such data. Our members have worked, with the support of EC funds, to advance harmonisation beyond INSPIRE and now look forward to sharing lessons learnt. They have been active during the evaluation period and will continue to do so in the forthcoming revision to support the modernisation of the INSPIRE and its coherence with the European Strategy for data.
    The European Space programme: EuroGeographics actively supports the Copernicus component of the European Space Programme by strengthening cooperation with EEA to improve access to our members' data. Our partnership is creating, maintaining, and implementing a Framework License agreement and exploring solutions for providing full, free, and open access to geospatial data for the Copernicus programme. By ensuring a clear mutual understanding of the Copernicus in-situ requirements and the information produced by our members, it will be easier than ever before for the services to use authoritative geospatial datasets.
    Digital Europe programme: We believe this programme will support our members in making their data open and re-used through data spaces ensuring the best use of digital capacities, standardisation, and interoperability, which are all needed to ensure citizens, researchers, and businesses have easy, trusted, and seamless access to public sector data and services. Developing capacity related to new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, is a crucial driver for the full digital transformation.
    Europe’s Digital Decade:
    2030 digital targets and digital principles - Authoritative public sector data, in our case geospatial data, is a key building block for digital transformation, a block which supports applied research and innovation and the range of legal, fiscal, security and other public administrative purposes.
    Artificial Intelligence: Our members are both users and suppliers of AI. At this moment, majorities’ view is that there is a low maturity of the use of AI, but our member’s goal is to make their high quality, trusted, authoritative data open for wide use in a machine-readable manner. Machine learning is already in use by many of our members.
    Data Act and Database directive: Data sharing is our long-standing tradition and business. Database Directive has provided welcome certainty about the rights associated with geospatial information held in databases.
    Data Governance Act is of great interest to our members wishing to further open data protected under the national regime, such as GDPR or third party IPR.
    Transport package including ITS Directive and European mobility data space is also of high relevance for our members. Our members welcome the modernisation.


    Head Office
    Rue du Nord, 76
    Brussels 1000
    EU Office
    Rue du Nord, 76
    Brussels 1000


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    Name Start date End Date
    Ms Carol AGIUS 26 Sep 2023 25 Sep 2024
    Mr Giuseppe NOVELLA 15 Sep 2023 13 Sep 2024
    Mr Derek EARNSHAW 17 Apr 2018 17 Apr 2019
    Mr Derek EARNSHAW 17 Sep 2014 15 Sep 2015
    Mr Derek EARNSHAW 15 Feb 2013 14 Feb 2014
    Mr Derek EARNSHAW 10 Feb 2012 15 Feb 2013

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    EuroGeographics works with a number of strategic partners to achieve our Vision and Mission including:

    UN-GGIM: Europe
    GEO - The Group on Earth Observations
    EEA – European Environment Agency
    EUREF - a sub-commission of the International Association of Geodesy.
    EuroSDR - European Spatial Data Research.
    WPLA - Working Party on Land Administration.
    PCC - The Permanent Commission on Cadastre.
    EUROGI - European organization for geographic information.
    EuroGeoSurveys - The association of European National Geological Surveys.

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    Jan 2022 - Dec 2022

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    100,000€ - 199,999€

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    Grant Open Maps for Europe project 205,503€

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    Closed year Costs

    100,000€ - 199,999€

    Other financial info

    Open Maps for Europe project, Action No: 2019-BE-IA-0079
    Grant Agreement number: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2O19/20632B0

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