European Climate Foundation

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Registration as it was on 12 Mar 2012
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    European Climate Foundation   (ECF)

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    85369478261-65 First registered on 12 Mar 2012

    Goals / Remit

    The ECF was established in early 2008 as a major philanthropic initiative to promote climate and energy policies that greatly reduce Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions and to help Europe play an even stronger international leadership role to mitigate climate change.

    What we do
    The ECF aims to significantly drive the transformation of Europe to a low carbon economy, which means reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Europe by 30% in 2020 and at least 80% in 2050.

    The ECF does so by developing and implementing well-crafted climate and energy policies that greatly reduce Europe's global greenhouse gas emissions. Key elements of a sustainable energy future include: (1) a substantial increase in energy efficiency, (2) a successful transition from conventional to renewable energy; (3) maintenance of the earth’s ecological systems and the life-supporting services they provide; and, (4) equitable distribution of energy services to different members of the population, both internationally and within nations.

    We build alliances among a wide range of partners in government, business and the NGO sector. Our programme staff collaborate with grantees and experts from the field to design and fund sophisticated strategies based on a thorough understanding of decision-makers, decision-making processes and political pressure points.

    The majority of the ECF’s fund is re-granted to NGOs engaged in trying to bring about meaningful policy change. We choose strategies that can win the most effective and implementable policies based on rigorous analysis undertaken by our expert staff. When we see an unfulfilled need we also engage in direct initiatives, such as commission papers, convene meetings or support a new organisation.

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    The Hague 2511 CX
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    Mr Stephen Boucher (Programme Director, EU Climate Policies)

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