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Registration as it was on 29 Nov 2022
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Since 20 September 2021 self-declared 'non-commercial organisations' are no longer required to provide a lobby budget. See above timeline for this registrant's historical lobby budget.

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Financial year: Jan 2021 - Dec 2021

Lobbyists (Full time equivalent)

2 Fte (4)

Lobbyists with EP accreditation


High-level Commission meetings


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  • Info

    European Jewish Association   (EJA)

    EU Transparency Register

    707551412661-80 First registered on 06 Feb 2014

    Goals / Remit

    The European Jewish Association is the largest federation of Jewish organizations and communities actively working all over Europe.

    Our two main goals are:
    - To strengthen Jewish Identity and expand Jewish activities in Europe;
    - To defend Jewish interests in Europe.

    The modern European Jewish communities are facing challenges that go beyond the scope of regional initiatives, and possess only limited resources. Most Jews in Europe are not part of any community, while most children and students have a very limited knowledge of our culture and traditions. As the level of Antisemitism in Europe is growing with each passing year, the European Jewry must therefore act and defend its interests and future.

    Main EU files targeted

    Presently, the EJA is engaged in policy areas that concern Antisemitism, freedom of religion, public health & safety (e.g., circumcision), environment and agriculture (e.g., ritual slaughter) as well as cross-community dialogue, EU foreign affairs in relation to the State of Israel and security (e.g., public security).


    Head Office
    Rue du Cornet 22
    Brussels 1040
    EU Office
    22 rue du cornet
    brussels 1040


  • People

    Total lobbyists declared


    Employment timeLobbyists

    Lobbyists (Full time equivalent)


    Lobbyists with EP accreditation

    All Lobbyists with EP accreditation over time

    3 accreditations were / are live (in bold) for the selected state of 28 Sep 2023

    Name Start date End Date
    Mr Shlomo DAHAN 21 Sep 2023 13 Sep 2024
    Juan Antonio CALDES RODRIGUEZ 28 Apr 2023 26 Apr 2024
    Mr Georgios PAPADAKIS 20 Apr 2023 19 Apr 2024
    Nezka FIGELJ 15 Sep 2022 15 Sep 2023
    Ruth DASKALOPOULOU 02 Sep 2022 02 Sep 2023
    Mr Mihails Vorobeičiks-Mellers 20 Nov 2019 01 Dec 2020
    Mr Menachem Margolin 30 Nov 2018 01 Dec 2019
    Mr Mihails Vorobeičiks-Mellers 27 Nov 2018 20 Nov 2019
    Ms Michal Zilberberg 09 Oct 2018 01 Nov 2019
    Mr Mihails Vorobeičiks-Mellers 30 Nov 2017 27 Nov 2018
    Mr Menachem Margolin 20 Jul 2017 30 Jun 2018
    Mr Mihails Vorobeičiks-Mellers 09 Dec 2016 30 Nov 2017
    Mr Menachem Margolin 19 Jul 2016 07 Jul 2017
    Mr Menachem Margolin 05 May 2015 29 Apr 2016
    Ms Sharon Ryness 01 May 2015 28 Apr 2016
    Dafna Friedman Gan El 24 Feb 2015 20 Feb 2016
    Ms Flora Neustadt 24 Feb 2015 20 Feb 2016
    Ms Teodora-Olimpia Coptil 24 Feb 2015 20 Feb 2016
    Mr Menachem Margolin 19 Feb 2014 03 Mar 2015

    Complementary Information

    None declared

    Person in charge of EU relations

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    Person with legal responsibility

    Data not provided by Register Secretariat due to GDPR

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    Organisations representing churches and religious communities

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  • Financial Data

    Interests represented

    Does not represent commercial interests

    Closed financial year

    Jan 2021 - Dec 2021

    Lobbying costs for closed financial year

    Since 20 September 2021 self-declared 'non-commercial organisations' are no longer required to provide a lobby budget. See above timeline for this registrant's historical lobby budget.

    Total organisational budget in closed year


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    Other financial info

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  • EU Structures

    Groups (European Commission)


    Groups (European Parliament)

    Anti-racism and diversity#Freedom of religion and religious tolerance

    Other activities

    - Organization of events/conferences at the European Parliament.
    - Hosting events at the European Commission.
    - Lobbying European parliamentarians and officials.

  • Meetings


    6 meetings found. Download meetings

    The list below only covers meetings held since November 2014 with commissioners, their cabinet members or directors-general at the European Commission; other lobby meetings with lower-level staff may have taken place, but the European Commission doesn't publish information about such meetings. All information below comes from European Commission web pages.

    • Date 25 May 2021 Location Virtual meeting
      Subject Exchange on ruling of the EU Court of Justice (Case C-336/19) on slaughter without stunning /freedom of religion.
      Cabinet Cabinet of Commissioner Stella Kyriakides
      Portfolio Health
      • Stella Kyriakides (Commissioner)
    • Date 20 Feb 2019 Location Brussels
      Subject EU Foreign Affairs
      Cabinet Cabinet of High Representative / Vice-President Federica Mogherini
      Portfolio Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
      • Oliver Rentschler (Cabinet member)
    • Date 23 Jul 2018 Location Brussels, Belgium
      Subject EJA presentation of work programme
      Cabinet Cabinet of Commissioner Věra Jourová
      Portfolio Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality
      • Daniel Braun (Cabinet member)
    • Date 23 Jul 2018 Location Brussels
      Subject Antisemitism and Holocaust Remembrance
      Cabinet Cabinet of First Vice-President Frans Timmermans
      Portfolio Better Regulation, Interinstitutional Relations, the Rule of Law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights
      • Lisbeth Koenen (Cabinet member)
    • Date 17 Jun 2015 Location Brussels
      Subject Innovation cooperation
      Cabinet Cabinet of Commissioner Carlos Moedas
      Portfolio Research, Science and Innovation
      • Antonio Lowndes Marques De Araujo Vicente (Cabinet member)
      • Giulia Del Brenna (Cabinet member)
    • Date 03 Feb 2015 Location Brussels
      Subject Introductory meeting and areas of common interests
      Cabinet Cabinet of Commissioner Tibor Navracsics
      Portfolio Education, Culture, Youth and Sport
      • Adrienn Kiraly (Cabinet member)
      • Tibor Navracsics (Commissioner)
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