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No longer registered as of 09 Jun 2021 - Registration as it was on 15 Jun 2020
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    Hebbel Theater Berlin GmbH   (HAU)

    EU Transparency Register

    666231638418-04 First registered on 08 Jun 2020

    Goals / Remit

    The mission of HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Hebbel Theater Berlin GmbH) is to promote art and culture by managing and operating HAU1, HAU2 and HAU3 as a production and presentation center for contemporary forms of the performing arts.

    Tanz im August is an annual dance festival, produced by HAU Hebbel am Ufer. For over 30years its core aim is to present and co-produce dance performances of artists from international, national and local background in various venues across Berlin as well as hosting outdoor and site-specific performances. Serving a wide audience, it’s acting as a catalyst to nourish the development of dance on an international scope with a sense for emerging aesthetics and formats by introducing new names next to the established companies. Tanz im August is establishing a long term commitment with selected artists to build a strong relation to the audience by letting the artists grow from small to big scale venues over the years and highlighting the profile of female choreographers with bi-annual retrospectives. As a hub for international dance professionals (300 approx. per festival) and journalists (approx. 130 per festival), Tanz im August serves the dance scene with high visibility for the art form.


    Main EU files targeted

    Creative Europe Culture (Category 2: Large Scale Cooperation Projects) of the programe 2014-2020
    Programme Call: EACEA-32-2019

    Focus on: Transnational Mobility and Capacity Building

    Hebbel Theater Berlin GmbH and its festival Tanz im August will take part in a meeting with commissioner Mariya Gabriel together with the cooperation partners of the recent application "Big Pulse Dance Alliance" to Creative Europe Culture's large scale cooperation projects. (Reference Number 616729-CREA-1-2020-1-DE-CULT-COOP2) The aim of the meeting is to discuss the future of dance festivals as an integral part of the European cultural landscape today. Especially, how to continue to develop new ways of encouraging and supporting collaboration and exchange between festivals. The present situation calls for democratic measures to secure the contingency and sustainability of the sector in the future. We would like to have an open dialogue based on our network’s experience to contribute to the success of future of the European cultural initiatives.


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    Stresemannstrasse 29
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    HAU Hebbel am Ufer(Hebbel Theater Berlin GmbH) is a production and performance location for international developments in the performing arts and is an anchor institution for the independent artists and groups in Berlin. As one of the most significant stages in Berlin for international co-productions and touring companies as well as projects by the local and (inter)national dance and theatre scene, it engages in long-term and regular collaborations fostered with both Berliners and artists from all over the world.
    In 2018, HAU Hebbel am Ufer successfully presented very different formats of performing arts at three different venues HAU1, HAU2, HAU3 as well as at venues in public spaces and on other stages. The 481 activities (previous year: 470) reached around 66.000 visitors in 2018 (previous year: 60.000).

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    Hebbel Theater Berlin GmbH receives institutional subsidies from the Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin, annual project funding for its dance festival Tanz im August from the Capital Cultural Fund and additional funding by foundations and public funding programmes dependend on successful applications.

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    Hebbel Theater Berlin GmbH and its festival Tanz im August is the initiator of the application called "Big Pulse Dance Alliance" for Creative Europe Culture's large scale cooperation projects.

    Reference Number 616729-CREA-1-2020-1-DE-CULT-COOP2

    The last 40 years, Europe has been growing to become the global leader in professional dance through high quality of dance education and professionalization of its sector. Big Pulse Dance Alliance (BPDA) is a project devised by 11 dance festivals, a total of twelve partners, to tackle the challenges festivals and choreographers across Europe face. The aim of the project is to diversify the programming on the big stages, to reach-out for general public through free outdoor programming in public space and to contribute to building a more resilient and healthy dance sector.
    The European dance scene mostly consists of small and medium size productions. The number of big stage productions touring is limited and demands a sustainable development. BPDA supports annually 2-3 choreographers in their transition from small to larger scale in two lines of productions: staged works and free public space works. The project will encourage the creation of new works and/or development of existing performances. The public space line is dedicated to develop new concepts and work models for international touring, involving local communities.
    BPDA will be building the capacity of cultural operators and artists. With the help of mentors and experts, the project is aiming to stimulate artistic and project management by defining the tools for work environment challenges in a leadership programme – to foster a more sustainable, relevant and successful dance sector. Coming together in Winter Intensives and through one-to-one mentoring, the base for a life-long professional support will be laid. A Visiting Artist Programme for the younger generation will allow artists to experience the festivals, receive mentor sessions and increase their networking as well as mobility. The local dance scene will meet at Local Pulse Initiatives to discuss key learnings and topics most relevant to the national festivals contexts. The projects long term aim is to establish a network of European dance festival.

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