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Registration as it was on 01 Nov 2023
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    Saekert Consulting

    EU Transparency Register

    296611248089-91 First registered on 11 Nov 2022

    Goals / Remit

    In an ever more complex competition over attention, we consult public institutions and private actors in using the right approach when communicating with people in their role as citizens, aiming at increasing engagement and interest in political topics. Disinformation and Fake-News have paved their way into the public sphere, leaving their mark and therefore rarely any organisation can afford to neglect that. For my clients I develop suited concepts and support them with monitoring and flagging alarming content. In cooperation with spoods GmbH my clients can reach target groups when their interest is at the highest peak. A match-making algorithm places messages directly in context-related online articles. Targeting which is not in need of cookies or exploiting user data. We advocate for sustainable none-intrusive online advertising. I support my clients with creating the right strategy when targeting their audiences and forming relationships with their communities.

    Main EU files targeted

    As part of my tasks on behalf of Saekert Consulting and as an external consultant for spoods GmbH – a company focusing on cookie-less advertising and targeted ads, including political advertising – I am carrying out activities, impacting the communication policy around EU institutions communication with citizens such as the upcoming European Elections campaign and other campaigns carried out by the EU institutions. In this context I am organising or participating in meetings, conferences or events, and establishing and carrying out any similar contacts with EU institutions, as well as engaging in and coordinating efforts with networks such as the European Internet Forum and the Brussels Press Club, focusing on subjects such as data privacy and targeted advertising. We have been and will specifically be targeting policies such as the Digital Service Act, Digital Markets Act, General Data Protection Regulation, ePrivacy Directive, eCommerce Directive, Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, Misleading and Comparative Advertising Directive, Consumer Rights Directive, etc. In this context I pursue commissioning and actively engaging in the production of position papers, surveys and other communication or information material, as well as carrying out research.


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    spoods gmbh Digital Services Act 0€ - 10,000€

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    spoods gmbh

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    As an external consultant I pursue activities for spoods GmbH as described under Heading 9.

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