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Registration as it was on 13 Sep 2022
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Financial year: Jan 2021 - Dec 2021

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  • Info

    Stichting Safecast   (Safecast)

    EU Transparency Register

    268714444371-52 First registered on 13 Oct 2021

    Goals / Remit

    Safecast is an international volunteer driven non-profit organization whose goal is to create useful, accessible, and granular environmental data. All Safecast data is published, free of charge, into the public domain under a CC0 designation.

    Safecast is apolitical, pro-data and voluntary.

    Stichting Safecast is registered for the purposes of Undertaking environmental monitoring.

    Main EU files targeted

    Policies related to energy and the environment and policies related to open access of data, data transparency and stakeholder engagement.

    The specific consultation currently open that we wish to respond to is:
    Air quality - revision of EU rules relating to revision of the Ambient Air Quality Directives (2008/50/EC and 2004/107/EC). (12677-Air-quality-revision-of-EU-rules)

    Other/Closed consultations which we would have/will be interested in responding to were/are:
    EU nuclear decommissioning programme – final evaluation (2014-20) (closed Oct 2020) 12477-EU-nuclear-decommissioning-programme-final-evaluation-2014-20. Similar future calls will be of interest to us.
    Open data – availability of public datasets: upcoming draft act feedback (12111-Open-data-availability-of-public-datasets)


    Head Office
    Olympisch Stadion 24 – 28
    Amsterdam 1076 DE
    EU Office
    Olympisch Stadion 24 – 28
    Amsterdam 1076 DE


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    No lobbyists with EP accreditations

    Complementary Information

    Two individuals are directly involved with submitting the response to the consultations (the person listed herein as in charge of EU relations and the alternate contact person). These coordinators will compile the input from views solicited from the Safecast community/membership with a focus on EU residents/citizens.

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    Jan 2021 - Dec 2021

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    0€ - 10,000€

    Other financial info

    Our volunteers are unpaid and undertake any activities at no cost for personal reasons or related to their own professional development. Safecast has not sought any grants from the EU.
    The purpose in completing this register is to enable a response to public consultations as an interested group rather than a responding as multiple individuals.

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