Building Societies Association

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No longer registered as of 13 May 2022 - Registration as it was on 10 Jun 2021
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Financial year: Jan 2020 - Dec 2020

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  • Info

    Building Societies Association   (BSA)

    EU Transparency Register

    924933110421-64 First registered on 24 Jan 2013

    Goals / Remit

    The Building Societies Association or BSA is the voice for building societies and for some other mutual financial service providers. Together these organisations serve over 25 million customers across the UK and have total assets of over £448 billion. Including their subsidiaries, they hold residential mortgage balances of over £342 billion - this equates to 23% of all outstanding mortgages in the UK. They also hold over £316 billion of retail deposits - 18% of all such deposits in the UK - including 38% of cash ISA balances. BSA members employ around 43,000 full and part-time staff and operate through 1,380 branches.

    Main EU files targeted

    All issues relating to financial services, company law and governance and consumer issues.


    Head Office
    Kingsway, 23
    London WC2B 6UJ
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    Name Start date End Date
    Mr Jeremy Palmer 20 Mar 2017 03 Mar 2018
    Ms Hilary McVitty 20 Mar 2017 03 Mar 2018
    Ms Kate CREAGH 20 Mar 2017 03 Mar 2018
    Mr Robin Fieth 21 Nov 2015 19 Nov 2016
    Mr Jeremy Palmer 04 Nov 2015 29 Oct 2016
    Ms Hilary McVitty 04 Nov 2015 29 Oct 2016
    Ms Kate CREAGH 31 Oct 2015 29 Oct 2016
    Ms Hilary McVitty 01 Aug 2014 30 Jul 2015
    Ms Sharon Chapman 01 Aug 2014 15 Jan 2015
    Mr Jeremy Palmer 01 Aug 2014 30 Jul 2015
    Mrs Hilary McVitty 01 Aug 2014 27 Jan 2015
    Mr Rene Kinzett 01 Aug 2014 30 Jul 2015
    Mr Robin Fieth 14 Jan 2014 10 Jan 2015
    Ms Sharon Chapman 30 Jul 2013 27 Jul 2014
    Mr Jeremy Palmer 23 Jul 2013 20 Jul 2014
    Mrs Hilary McVitty 23 Jul 2013 20 Jul 2014
    Mr Rene Kinzett 23 Jul 2013 20 Jul 2014

    Complementary Information

    Chief Executive: Robin Fieth
    Head of Financial Policy: Jeremy Palmer
    Head of Mortgage Policy: Paul Broadhead
    Head of Legal Services: Elaine Morton
    Head of External Affairs: Hilary McVitty
    Public Affairs Manager: Kate Creagh
    Policy Advisers: Harinder Chohan, Andrew Hopkins, James O'Sullivan, Andrea Jeffries, Charlie Blagborough, Rob Thickett, Joseph Thompson
    Chief Economist: Andrew Gall

    Person in charge of EU relations

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    II - In-house lobbyists and trade/business/professional associations


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    European Association of Co-operative Banks


    European Mortgage Federation

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    Jan 2020 - Dec 2020

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    The list below only covers meetings held since November 2014 with commissioners, their cabinet members or directors-general at the European Commission; other lobby meetings with lower-level staff may have taken place, but the European Commission doesn't proactively publish information about these meetings. For more information about which commissioner is responsible for which portfolio, check out this link: All information below comes from European Commission web pages.

    1 July 2024: We have noted that some meetings are appearing in duplicate, ie. some meetings seem to be listed twice. This seems to be because the Commission changes some element of a meeting data after the meeting has first been listed, which causes LobbyFacts to register it as a new meeting. We are investigating further.

    • Date 14 Jan 2015 Location Brussels
      Subject Financial Services Policy
      Cabinet Cabinet of Commissioner Jonathan Hill
      Portfolio Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union
      • Denzil Davidson (Cabinet member)
      Other Lobbyists
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