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Latest Stories

Below you will find a selection of stories which feature the work of LobbyFacts. Do send other links to us via the contact page.


Uber’s privileged access to politicians shows the lobby system urgently needs to change


Story from The Guardian: The European Commission has long been complacent about its revolving-door problem. It’s time to tackle corporate capture.

LF Uber

Uber: an EU lobby profile


Story from Corporate Europe Observatory: The Uber Files have laid out the lobby strategies, privileged access, revolving door hires, and indeed the capture of policy-making in various countries by the controversial hail-riding app. Uber is a regular visitor to the European Commission’s Berlaymont building in Brussels and its lobbying is geared to maintaining the privileges that gig economy businesses enjoy.


Crypto lobbyist donated £500k to Conservatives before UK’s ‘crypto hub’ move


Story from Financial News: The Conservative Party received a £500,000 donation from a British crypto investor two months before the government pledged to make the UK “the very best place in the world” to build crypto businesses.

Russian dolls

‘Russian doll’ gas and nuclear lobbying threatens EU energy independence – new research


Story from Greenpeace: Russian energy firms Gazprom, Lukoil and Rosatom used lobbying connections reminiscent of nesting Russian dolls to influence the inclusion of fossil gas and nuclear energy in the EU taxonomy of sustainable investments, according to new research by Greenpeace France.


EU Investigating Agribusiness Lobby Group Copa-Cogeca Over Potential Transparency Breach


Story from DeSmog: The farming body has registered as a ‘non-commercial’ organisation on the newly updated EU Transparency Register, meaning it does not have to declare its lobbying spend.

Big Tech

The lobby network: Big Tech's web of influence in the EU


Story from Corporate Europe Observatory and LobbyControl: As the EU tries to rein in the most problematic aspects of Big Tech – from disinformation, targeted advertising to unfair competition practices – the digital giants are lobbying hard to shape new regulations. Check out analysis of the tech industry's EU lobbying firepower.