Digital Policy Alliance (EURIM)

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Registration as it was on 26 Sep 2023
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  • Info

    Digital Policy Alliance (EURIM)   (DPA)

    EU Transparency Register

    410844419741-74 First registered on 03 Dec 2015

    Goals / Remit

    Digital Policy Alliance (EURIM) objectives as embedded in the company articles, are as follows:
    ● to collate, examine, review, interpret and disseminate information including, but not limited to, European Union (EU) Directives, Regulations and policy proposals, United Kingdom (“UK”) legislation and policy in the field of Information Technology (“IT”);
    ● to facilitate effective collection, scrutiny, monitoring, consultation and dissemination of information on the development and implementation of IT-related EU and UK initiatives;
    ● to provide all interested parties with clear, concise, accurate, balanced and timely information on European IT related matters;
    ● to engage in activities which may further the education, development and understanding of IT within the UK, the EC and Europe.
    ● to improve understanding of the development and implementation of IT-related European and UK initiatives for the public benefit of industry and commerce

    Main EU files targeted

    Working with our members, the Digital Policy Alliance (EURIM)

    • Examines the digital policy scenarios for the UK after it leaves the EU, the EU legislative frameworks that it may wish to retain and its future engagement with EU policy making and compliance activities.

    ● Develops proposals for policy, legislation and standards in Europe and the UK, reflecting the need for digital policies to transcend national, regional, organisational and sectoral boundaries. Considers the international dimension of legislation and standards.

    ● Scrutinises upcoming EU and UK policy, directives and regulations through a technology lens to alert policy makers in both Brussels and the UK to the nature of any unintended consequences arising for the digital and ICT sectors.

    ● Produces policy overviews and position papers on technology related policy for the Westminster and Brussels communities.

    ● Works closely in specialist groups with its industry members to provide a neutral, balanced and diverse meeting point to identify the consequences to citizens and business of the use of technologies and to inform policy – typically in advance of these issues reaching mainstream debate. Where we can achieve consensus we work to help secure priority for action. If there is no consensus, the reasons are explained and we outline the complexities and differing viewpoints under discussion.

    ● Facilitates members' recognition and understanding of the issues involved, and the inter‐play between sources of evidence and opinion, policy priorities, intentions and deliberations, and the regulatory agenda. The policies or positions supported by the Digital Policy Alliance are arrived at through a process of balanced and detailed deliberation supported by the considered outputs of our specialist Working Groups and guided by our members' priorities.


    Head Office
    Collingham House, 6-12 Gladstone Road Wimbledon
    London SW19 1QT
    EU Office
    Nutlands Oldberrow Lane
    Henley-in-Arden B95 5NH


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    We are a virtual organisation without premises and the secretariat and research to back up our work is undertaken by self-employed contracted experts assigned to each working group. We do not employ any full time research staff.

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    Groups (European Parliament)

    Shaping Competition Policy in the Era of Digitisation, September 2018
    We have a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Internet Forum (EIF). We exchange information about key topics and meetings, offer speakers where appropriate, and jointly organise fact finding missions in the UK for EIF MEPs.

    Communication activities

    The broad digital economy. We examine Commission strategy proposals and specific legislation. In response to the priorities identified by members, we establish specialist working groups to examine and report on specific legislative and non legislative initiatives.

    Other activities

    None declared

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    The list below only covers meetings held since November 2014 with commissioners, their cabinet members or directors-general at the European Commission; other lobby meetings with lower-level staff may have taken place, but the European Commission doesn't proactively publish information about these meetings. For more information about which commissioner is responsible for which portfolio, check out this link: All information below comes from European Commission web pages.

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