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    European University Institute   (EUI)

    EU Transparency Register

    085918837051-40 First registered on 22 Jan 2020

    Goals / Remit

    The European University Institute is an international institution created by the Member States of the founding European Communities in 1972. Its main objective is to provide advanced academic training to Ph.D students and to promote research at the highest level.
    It is a major doctoral and postdoctoral academic institution and carries out research in a European perspective (fundamental research, comparative research and Community research) in history, law, economics, political and social science.
    According to its Convention, the aim of the Institute is to contribute, by its activities in the fields of higher education and research, to the development of the cultural and scientific heritage of Europe, taking into account Europe’s cultural and linguistic pluralism and relations with cultures outside Europe.
    The Institute is also a forum for the exchange and discussion of ideas and experience in subjects falling within the areas of study and research with which it is concerned. It has developed interdisciplinary research programmes on the major issues confronting contemporary European society, including matters relating to the construction of Europe.
    The EUI is a community of around 600 researchers and 60 professors. Its full-time teaching staff, fellows and research students are recruited from all countries of the European Union and from further afield.
    Its doctoral programme is among the most important in Europe in the field of social sciences; over 100 theses are defended every year.
    Postdoctoral research is becoming an ever more important part of the EUI’s activities. There are about 100 post-doctoral fellows hosted each year.
    Other specific programmes and projects are funded through a variety of resources, private and public donors and mainly the European Community: the EUI is involved in research projects covering the various legal, political, social and economic dimensions of the Europeanization processes. Most of these projects are run in cooperation with European and non-European universities.

    Main EU files targeted

    The Institute is structured into four departments - Law, Political and Social Sciences, Economics, History and Civilization - and an interdisciplinary centre, the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, which pursues research into the great political themes of contemporary European societies, and brings together specialists in given themes, favouring international and comparative aspects of research. The EUI also hosts the Max Weber Programme (MWP), the largest postdoctoral training programme in the Social and Human Sciences in the world. The Programme is designed for junior post-docs who want to advance in their research and academic training.
    The EUI School of Transnational Governance (STG) delivers teaching and high-level training in the methods, knowledge, skills and practice of governance beyond the State. The School brings the worlds of academia and policy-making together in an effort to navigate a context, both inside and outside Europe, where policy-making increasingly transcends national borders.
    It offers Executive Training Seminars for experienced professionals and a Policy Leaders Fellowship for early- and mid-career innovators. It also hosts expert Policy Dialogues and conducts an Oral History project to record the experiences of European Institution presidents.
    In 2020, It will launch a policy-focussed Master's programme for graduates. The programme will be structured around cross-disciplinary clusters in various policy fields.


    Head Office
    Via dei Roccettini 9
    San Domenico di Fiesole
    Firenze 50014
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