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Financial year: Jul 2013 - Jan 2014

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    EU Transparency Register

    104054012794-58 First registered on 31 Jan 2014

    Goals / Remit

    Syntec Numérique, French professional association for the digital industry, welcomes digital
    technology professionals from IT services and consulting firms, software manufacturers, and
    technology consulting firms. Its mission is to shape the digital industry of the future, serving
    as an advocate for digital technology professionals and influencing government agencies
    and other institutions both in France and across Europe.

    Key figures
    Exponential growth of 80%: 500 companies have joined Syntec Numérique in just three years
    Our 1,200 members are highly representative of the digital industry, with:

    Software manufacturers
    80% of France’s top 20 software manufacturers (source PAC)
    60% of France’s top 100 software manufacturers (sources: Syntec Numérique Top250
    and Ernst & Young)
    IT services and consulting
    95% of France’s top 20 IT services and consulting firms (source: PAC)
    Technology consulting
    95% of France’s top 10 technology consulting firms (source Syntec Numérique)
    Syntec Numérique also counts among its members businesses operating in the fields of personal
    digital services, video gaming, networks, telecommunications, mobility, Green IT, economic interest
    groups, and corporate IT divisions.
    These companies account for 80% of the industry’s total revenue (42 billion) and employ
    369 000 people. Syntec Numérique represents:
    25 corporations, 75 large companies, 800 SMEs, and 300 start-ups ; SMEs make up 80% of
    our membership and 40% of these companies are located outside the greater Paris area.
    800 members that contribute actively to association activities.
    7 industry associations and competitive clusters (including the System@tic global competitive
    cluster) under group memberships.
    8 regional delegations.

    For more than 30 years Syntec Numérique has been driving the expansion of the
    information and communication technology (ICT) sector through a broad range of
    The digital economy
    New applications for information and communication technology have fuelled growth within the
    digital industry and across France’s entire economy. Syntec Numérique promotes the development
    of breakthrough applications that provide tangible benefits for users.
    New markets
    The digital revolution is sweeping industries of all kinds, from government, healthcare, and
    education to Green IT and energy. Syntec Numérique is there to help manage change as new
    applications change the face of the digital industry.
    The future of the digital industry depends on the three pillars of education, training, and job
    opportunities. Because labor laws are constantly changing, Syntec Numérique is committed to
    ensuring that any new legislation takes into account the unique needs of the digital industry.
    Labor relations
    Syntec Numérique—through Fédération Syntec—has the power to represent its members and
    negotiate on their behalf with France’s industry regulators and labor organizations. Activities range
    from lobbying to negotiating collective bargaining agreements on behalf of members.
    Syntec Numérique—through Fédération Syntec—collects the French “apprenticeship tax” used to
    fund education and training, and plays a key role promoting careers in the digital industry. Syntec
    Numérique also works closely with institutions of higher learning to develop programs that prepare
    students for digital careers.
    Member services
    Syntec Numérique members benefit from a range of exclusive services designed to boost business
    performance and deliver immediate savings. Member services currently include: tax and legal
    assistance; personalized advice for implementing national collective bargaining agreements on
    working conditions and continuing professional development; morning workshops; networking
    events; special rates on insurance, financing, and factoring; trade publications (e.g., white papers,
    green papers, and fact sheets); and the Syntec pricing index.
    Syntec Numérique informs an

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    Head Office
    Léon Bonnat
    PARIS 75016
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    Mr Mathieu COULAUD (Délégué juridique)

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    Jul 2013 - Jan 2014

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    53,000 €

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