Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry

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No longer registered as of 21 Apr 2014 - Registration as it was on 26 Mar 2013
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  • Info

    Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry   (FESI)

    EU Transparency Register

    38118688632-05 First registered on 19 Apr 2012

    Goals / Remit

    FESI is the European representative of the sporting goods industry vis-à-vis the European Institutions as well as other European authorities and bodies. More specifically it,
    • Provides a unique opportunity for sporting goods companies to collaborate on non-commercial pre-competitive issues of common interest
    • Monitors all legislative initiatives relating to the sporting goods industry at a European level
    • Offers an established and recognised platform for the voice of the sporting goods industry to be heard in Brussels
    • Communicates with a variety of European stakeholders across a wide range of issues from trade and environment to product safety and many more.
    One of the main goals of FESI is to promote free trade between European Member States and, of course, to facilitate trade world-wide.
    FESI represents some 1,800 companies with an annual turnover of more than 65 billion Euro as well as 11 national federations and 1 Special goruping .

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    Head Office
    Brussels 1040
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    Name Start date End Date
    Jerome PERO 19 Jun 2013 19 May 2014
    Mr Lars Vogt 19 Jun 2013 19 May 2014
    Mr Alberto Bichi 24 May 2013 19 May 2014
    Ms Simona Ovesea 24 May 2013 23 Nov 2013
    Jerome PERO 26 May 2012 17 Jun 2013
    Mr Lars Vogt 26 May 2012 17 Jun 2013
    Mr Alberto Bichi 26 May 2012 17 Jun 2013

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    None declared

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    Person with legal responsibility

    Mr Alberto Bichi (Secretary General)

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    Jan 2012 - Dec 2012

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