Dutch Waste Management Association

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Registration as it was on 17 Nov 2011
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    Dutch Waste Management Association   (DWMA)

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    73266927176-77 First registered on 17 Nov 2011

    Goals / Remit

    Dutch Waste Management Association: representing the interests of the whole waste chain

    The Dutch Waste Management Association represents the interests of Dutch waste companies at the national and international levels. Our members are active throughout the whole waste chain and are responsible for collecting, recycling, processing, composting, incinerating and landfilling waste. Some companies are active in sewer maintenance. The Dutch Waste Management Association works for a healthy and balanced business climate in the Netherlands and Europe and promotes efficient, practicable and sustainable waste management. The Dutch Waste Management Association represents about two-thirds of the Dutch waste market and negotiates on their behalf with government and other organisations. The Association is based in ’s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, and has a European office in Brussels.

    DWMA's aim in Europe is to represent the interests of its members at the European level.

    This includes gathering information on up-coming legislation in order to keep our members up to date on issues relating to waste management, renewable energy and environmental protection as well as informing the European institutions about the waste sector and its contribution to achieving sustainable waste management.

    More information about the Association is available on our Dutch website: www.verenigingafvalbedrijven.nl and www.wastematters.eu

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    Hugo de Grootlanan
    Den Bosch 5202CD
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    Mr Gerrit VAN KOOTEN 17 Jan 2012 16 Dec 2012

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    Mr Unico Van Kooten (European Affairs Secretary)

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