Confédération Européenne des Associations de Petites et Moyennes Entreprises

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No longer registered as of 23 May 2014 - Registration as it was on 26 Apr 2013
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Financial year: Jan 2011 - Dec 2011

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  • Info

    Confédération Européenne des Associations de Petites et Moyennes Entreprises   (CEA-PME)

    EU Transparency Register

    96002168817-71 First registered on 22 May 2012

    Goals / Remit

    Our mission is to lend a voice to small and medium businesses that their interests are represented commensurate with their importance. This is a required and legitimate claim as over two thirds of all employees within the EU are employed by SMEs and as SMEs have always been a motor for innovation and growth. Therefore, we offer a solid platform in order to get the demands of SMEs across to the European institutions and to inform our members about EU-related issues.

    On the regional, national and European scale, CEA-PME provides economic and political information and ensures an active representation of the core interests of SMEs. To this effect, the association benefits from its well-established and reliable network within the European institutions (Parliament, Commission and Council). Our members are also provided with competent supports in the field of European programmes and projects and EU-funding. In addition, CEA-PME and its members regularly take part in EU-funded research projects.

    Main EU files targeted


    Head Office
    Avenue de la Renaissance
    Bruxelles 1000
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    No lobbyists with EP accreditations

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    Mr Stefan Zickgraf (Managing Director)

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    II - In-house lobbyists and trade/professional associations


    Trade, business & professional associations

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    Jan 2011 - Dec 2011

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    60,600 €

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