European North Atlantic Fisheries Association

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Registration as it was on 21 Apr 2021
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Lobbying Costs


Financial year: Jan 2020 - Dec 2020

Lobbyists (Full time equivalent)

1 Fte (4)

Lobbyists with EP accreditation


High-level Commission meetings


Lobbying Costs over the years

  • Info

    European North Atlantic Fisheries Association   (Enafa)

    EU Transparency Register

    577140942406-08 First registered on 21 Apr 2021

    Goals / Remit

    Uitoefening van duurzame demersale visserij door trawlers
    Sustainable demersal fisheries by trawlers

    Main EU files targeted

    Implementation landing obligation/discards plans
    Technical Measures regulation
    Fisheries Control regulation
    Long term management Strategy N E Atlantic demersal stocks
    regionalization of fisheries management
    Fisheries negotiations between EU and coastal states
    Fisheries Partnership Agreements with 3rd countries
    RFMO's relevant for our fisheries
    Scientific work in collaboration with bodies such as ICES


    Head Office
    Voorschoterweg 31
    2235 SE
    Katwijk ZH 2220 AM
  • People

    Total lobbyists declared


    Employment timeLobbyists

    Lobbyists (Full time equivalent)


    Lobbyists with EP accreditation

    No lobbyists with EP accreditations

    Complementary Information

    Eigenlijk zijn het 5 betrokken medewerkers in onze organisatie , allen 20%

    Person in charge of EU relations

    Data not provided by Register Secretariat due to GDPR

    Person with legal responsibility

    Data not provided by Register Secretariat due to GDPR

  • Categories


    II - In-house lobbyists and trade/business/professional associations


    Trade and business associations

  • Networking


    Europeche (European association of national fisheries organizations)
    EAPO (European Association of Fish Producer Organizations)
    EUFA (European Fisheries Alliance)
    Member of the long Distance Advisory Council
    Member of the market Advisory Council

    Member organisations

    None declared

  • Financial Data

    Closed financial year

    Jan 2020 - Dec 2020

    Lobbying costs for closed financial year


    Other financial info

    None declared

  • EU Structures

    Groups (European Commission)


    Groups (European Parliament)

    intergroup on fisheries

    Communication activities


    Other activities

    Technical Measures regulation
    Fisheries Partnership Agreement with Greenland, Norway, Faroer, UK
    NEAFC affairs
    Bilateral negotiations EU-Norway and EU-Faroe Islands
    Social aspects of fisheries
    Marine science underpinning fisheries policy and fisheries management

  • Meetings


    1 meetings found. Download meetings

    The list below only covers meetings held since November 2014 with commissioners, their cabinet members or directors-general at the European Commission; other lobby meetings with lower-level staff may have taken place, but the European Commission doesn't proactively publish information about these meetings. For more information about which commissioner is responsible for which portfolio, check out this link: All information below comes from European Commission web pages.

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