Jordan Europe Business Association

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Registration as it was on 01 Dec 2023
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Lobbying Costs

50,000€ - 99,999€

Financial year: Jan 2022 - Dec 2022

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3 Fte (3)

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  • Info

    Jordan Europe Business Association   (JEBA)

    EU Transparency Register

    683903551972-02 First registered on 16 Nov 2023

    Goals / Remit

    JEBA is a Private Independent Organization that promotes economic links between Jordan and EU member states.
    Established in 1995, JEBA has supported private sector activities and fostered economic relationships for over 28 years.
    Strengthening the business relations between Europe and Jordan focusing on small and medium-size enterprises
    Promoting contact and cooperation between the Jordanian private sector and counterparts in the European countries, with special emphasis on investment and joint projects in industry, commerce and other services.
    Familiarizing Jordan’s private sector with European Programs, including aid programs that can be beneficial to Jordan, and with tendencies in Europe’s future economic and trade policies.
    Representing the interests of its members before Jordanian and European decision-lawmakers.

    Main EU files targeted

    JEBA is actively targeting a wide range of EU legislative proposals and policies that are relevant to our members and the broader business community in Jordan. Here are the titles of the five most recent EU initiatives, policies, and (legislative/non-legislative) files that we have been particularly focused on:

    1. EU-Jordan Partnership Priorities: Empowering People, Building Resilience (2023-2027)
    This strategic document outlines the key areas of cooperation between the EU and Jordan for the next five years. It focuses on supporting Jordan's economic development, promoting democratic reforms, and enhancing cooperation on regional issues.

    2. EU-Jordan Trade Facilitation Project
    This project aims to reduce trade costs and improve the efficiency of cross-border trade between the EU and Jordan. It will support the implementation of Jordan's trade reforms and modernize customs procedures.

    3. EU Support to Jordan's Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis
    The EU is one of the largest donors to Jordan's refugee response, providing humanitarian assistance, support for host communities, and education and employment opportunities for refugees.

    4. EU-Jordan Sustainable Energy Cooperation
    The EU and Jordan are working together to promote the development of renewable energy sources and improve energy efficiency in Jordan. This includes support for solar and wind power projects, as well as energy efficiency retrofits.

    5. EU-Jordan Cooperation on Water Management
    The EU supports Jordan's efforts to address water scarcity and improve water management practices. This includes support for water infrastructure projects and training and capacity building for water management officials.


    Head Office
    Amman - Rabiyya Mohammad Abu Azzam Street 2
    EU Office
    Amman - Rabiyya Mohammad Abu Azzam Street 2


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    Closed financial year

    Jan 2022 - Dec 2022

    Lobbying costs for closed financial year

    50,000€ - 99,999€

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    Closed year Costs

    50,000€ - 99,999€

    Other financial info

    Staff cost = 39,909Euro
    Office and Administrative expenses = 25,187 Euro

    Membership and Affiliation = 57,937 Euro

  • EU Structures

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    Communication activities

     Jordanian Trade Missions to several European Countries to discuss the ways of cooperation between both sides:
    Trade Mission to the Republic of Macedonia, Trade Mission to the Republic of Croatia, Trade Mission to the Republic of Hungary, Trade Mission to the Republic of Slovenia, Trade Mission to the Republic of Romania, Trade Mission to the Republic of Poland, Trade Mission to Greece, Trade Mission to the Kingdom of Sweden in addition to participating in organizing other trade missions to many European countries such as Italy, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Czech, Austria, Netherlands…etc.

     Jordanian European Business Forums:
    JEBA organized a number of Jordanian European Business Forums during the European Delegations visits which were headed by a number of countries’ presidents, Prime Ministers and other high level officials such as: Jordanian Hungarian Business Forum: the forum was headed by Jordanian Prime Minister and his Hungarian counterpart, Jordanian Polish Business Forum: the forum was headed by Polish president of the Senate, JEBA also organized a number of Jordanian Polish forums during the period from (2004-2013) which were headed by a number of Polish ministers and other high level officials, Jordanian Austrian Business Forum: the forum was headed by Austrian President, Jordanian Romanian Business Forum: the forum was headed by Romanian President, Jordanian Czech Business Forum: t

    Other activities

    None declared

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    None declared

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