K4P Alliances - Knowledge for People, the Planet and Prosperity through Partnerships

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    K4P Alliances - Knowledge for People, the Planet and Prosperity through Partnerships   (K4P Alliances)

    EU Transparency Register

    583173749893-47 First registered on 20 Apr 2023

    Goals / Remit

    K4P Alliances is a joint venture aiming to promote Sustainable and Healthy Territories through collaborative research and innovative social practices fostering Human Agency and the governance of data ecologies towards greening our economies, promoting healthier societies and reducing inequalities in the digital age. This will be achieve through the implementation of pilot projects oriented towards the target of carbon neutrality, or “net zero”, by 2050, providing capacity building and fostering new jobs through community-based participatory research and innovation.

    Vision: K4P Alliances considers a cultural movement throughout all areas of knowledge to promote the use of data derived from Earth Observation systems in combination with other advanced data acquisition and processing systems, enabling innovative policies and practices driven by new research dealing with complex landscapes, including those in vulnerable urban areas and rural landscapes.

    Main EU files targeted

    The focus of K4P Alliances is on the multi-dimensional and interlinked SDGs that shaped the 4 main pillars of the 2030 agenda:
    - People: promoting the basic human right of access to public security and healthy working conditions for all, with experimentation, observations and recommendations of public policies on planetary health and sustainable and healthy territories, as well as on health and disease determinants that affect the most vulnerable populations;

    - Planet: guaranteeing the minimization of emissions through reduced use of fossil fuels, and the capture and conversion of CO2 in complex rural and coastal landscapes in association with land use change and management, soil monitoring, water management and carbon observation, together with the stepwise experimentation and development of smart regulatory regimes towards the effective implementation of carbon markets;

    - Prosperity: sustainable land, water and soil management (e.g., biomes, mangroves and biodiversity in tropical areas), together with the social and economic valorization of biological assets (e.g. natural products) and the development of regional bioeconomies;

    - Partnerships: Engaging people and experts throughout all areas of knowledge to help stimulating a cultural movement promoting Human Agency and the governance of data ecologies towards greening our economies through collaborative innovation and an international network of “Collaborative Laboratories”. The goal is to consider adequate social norms at local level and encourage people and local actors to generate new ideas and insights, involving interface and intermediation activities with the public and private sectors, together with capacity building at institutional and human levels create new jobs and markets.

    The initiative K4P alliances has been designed also in terms of the recently revised International Partnerships funding program launched by the European Commission- DG INTPA, in particular focusing on “Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI) – Global Europe.

    The process as considered the identification and selection of potential local actors in Africa and Latin America since April 2022, with the capacity and leadership able to creating and/or growing towards a “Collaborative Laboratory’”, oriented towards job creation and social/economic development in terms of local contexts. In addition, the program will be organized and implemented in terms of “Regional Chapters”, following a stepwise approach and under the terms of the revised work plan for DG INTPA.

    The collaborative laboratories to be promoted under the K4P Alliances are expected to emphasize the following actions:

    - A network of Data Centers for Earth Observation and related scientific, technological and innovation activities for blue and green growth, in fully compliance with European cybersecurity standards and the 5G Toolbox, aiming to become part of local cybersecurity preparedness facilities and potential Global Europe regional hubs of cybersecurity;

    - An effective international network and international connectivity pathway (including the EurAfrica Gateway), through the engagement of the Atlantic International Research Centre, AIR center, and its main role as coordinator of the European funded CSA on “All Atlantic” (with EC´s Horizon Europe funding for 2023-2027). The new laboratories will become fully integrated in the AIR centre network;

    - Fostering a Digital connectivity infrastructure, including international connectivity, the Regional Fiber backbones and Satellite connectivity, together with Secure EllaLink, as an optical submarine cable linking the European and South American continents, with very low latency and a newly direct data transfer routes between Europe and South America, as well as EurAfrica Gateway Cable;


    Head Office
    Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research Instituto Superior Técnico,Pavilhão de Mecânica II
    Lisbon 1049 - 001
    EU Office
    Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research Instituto Superior Técnico,Pavilhão de Mecânica II
    Lisbon 1049 - 001


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    All persons involved are pro-bono contributions from different institutions: https://k4palliances.com/about-people.html

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    K4P Alliances promoters include several entities in Europe, USA, Africa and Brazil, as presented here: https://k4palliances.com/about-promoters.html

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    Main communication activities include:

    - White paper preparation and dissemination: https://www.k4palliances.com/assets/docs/WhitePaper_18Jan.pdf

    - Presentations of the initiative at various events and conferences: https://k4palliances.com/media-news.html

    - Meetings with EC Directorates: DG INTPA – International Partnerships and DG RTD – Horizon Europe.

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