Melissa: Network of Migrant Women in Greece

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No longer registered as of 21 Aug 2020 - Registration as it was on 06 Aug 2020
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  • Info

    Melissa: Network of Migrant Women in Greece   (MN)

    EU Transparency Register

    040869739141-53 First registered on 05 Aug 2020

    Goals / Remit

    Melissa is a network of refugee and migrant women, promoting empowerment, active citizenship and social cohesion. It has created an innovative community-based integration programme offered on a daily basis consisting of 7 strands of activities: literacy, psycho-social support, life-skills, information and advocacy, art and creativity, self-care and community engagement. It operates on the basis of a common platform, a hub where networks and individuals can meet, share their concerns and ideas, and support each other in the pursuit of their common goals. The aim is to bring migrant and refugee women together and to make their voices heard. All the activities are planned in order to open channels of communication and to promote integration. Their empowerment will not only enhance their own circumstances and improve the conditions of their children and their wider ethnic communities, but will contribute to the overall social cohesion.

    Main EU files targeted

    EU AMIF proposals
    Erasmus program
    European Commission, Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs


    Head Office
    Feron 18
    Victoria Square
    Athens 10434
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    European Network of Migrant Women (ENOMW)

    We are a network of individuals and groups of organizations

    Member organisations

    European Network of Migrant Women (ENOMW)

    We are a network of individuals and groups of organizations

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    Jan 2018 - Dec 2018

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    Trade Unions#Traditional minorities, national communities and languages#Social economy#Anti-racism and diversity

    Communication activities

    The Independent, “Migrant women help female refugees build new lives in Athens”, by Chantal de Silva, September 2017.

    New York Times | Women in the World, “A Greek refuge for women migrants spreads love amid a sea of hatred”, by Lauren Bohn and Tania Karas, June 2016.

    Financial Times, “The migration dilemma: EU weighs impact of its deal with Turkey”, by Michael Peel and Kerin Hope, March 2018.

    Financial Times, “From entrepreneurs to athletes: Six women to watch in Greece”, by Kerin Hope, May 2019

    Deutsche Welle, “Melissa Network: A hive built by migrant women” by Omaira Gill, November 2017

    Aljazeera, “Pandemic pushes harder Greek refugee policy, but also solidarity”, by John Psaropoulos, April 2020

    Liberation, “The strength of the antifa movement benefits refugees”, Maria Malagardis, May 2019.

    Cairo’s Al Ahram Weekly, “Forgotten communities amid the pandemic”, by Khadija Elrabti, March 2020.

    Euronews, “As women, we have to fight to achieve our rights”, Lene Christensen, October 2018.

    European Commission Website on Integration “Integration of migrant women”, Melissa Network in the best practices of integration, European Website on Integration EWSI Editorial Team, November 2018.

    Transformational Change Leadership | The Rockefeller Foundation, “The Melissa Network”

    Kathimerini Newspaper, “AI chief visits as report points to plight of women migrants” during Kumi Naidoo’s visit in Athens and at Melissa center, by Simela Pantzartzi, October 2018.

    Other activities

    None declared

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