Observatorio Europeo de Consumo y Cultivo de Cannabis

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No longer registered as of 13 May 2022 - Registration as it was on 08 Oct 2020
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Financial year: Jan 2018 - Dec 2018

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  • Info

    Observatorio Europeo de Consumo y Cultivo de Cannabis   (OECCC)

    EU Transparency Register

    192467531195-38 First registered on 14 Apr 2018

    Goals / Remit

    -OECCC is a European non profit drug policy asociation
    that advocates for the regulation about cannabis use and homegrowing.
    -Our field of work is primarily the Cannabis Issues For Policy Makers, and to work in the cannabis policy agenda of EU and Spain in the fields related in point 9
    -Develop recommendations for legislation on cannabis use and cannabis homegrowing
    -Develop recommendations for legislation on medical cannabis

    Support projects
    -Co organizate cycles of conferences, round tables, surveys publications to focus around the different aspects of the cannabis in Europe.
    -Participation in workshops seminars and conferences involving Policy Makers
    -Help create better aproach to cannabis in European societies by collaborating with like-minded groups and organisations sharing the same purpose.
    -Issuing press releases related to cannabis policies

    Main EU files targeted

    -EU Drug Strategy and Action Plan
    -EU policy position on UNGASS
    -EU Regulation on cannabis
    -EU Cannabis strategy
    -EU regulation on CBD
    - EU regulation on hemp
    -EU regulation on cannabis growing
    -EU regulation on cannabis homegrowing
    -EU regulation on medical cannabis
    -Eu regulation on therapeutic cannabis homegrowing
    -Decisions of the UNODC related to cannabis
    -Commission initiatives to regulate the limits of THC contents
    -Regulations regarding cannabis cultivars allowed for propagation
    -Regulations regarding cannabis seeds allowed for collection and breeding
    -Spanish regulation on cannabis
    -EU regulation about medical cannabis
    -Advocacy of global policy related to cannabis
    -EU response to cannabis
    -EU legislation and strategies on cannabis policy coordination
    -EU regulation on drugtest
    -EU regulation about cannabis
    -Cannabis political leadership
    -Improve the standard of therapeutic cannabis treatment in Europe
    -The Audio Visual Media Services Directive
    -Everything outlined under our goals
    -Everything related to cannabis


    Head Office
    Plaza Colón, número 8,
    El Pinoso, Alicante
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    Jan 2018 - Dec 2018

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    Communication activities

    Main Project
    - Print the first book with a draft Law on cannabis homegrowing and cannabis use
    - Open a large survey to learn about the fears and hopes that cannabis users and homegrowers have about the regulation of use of cannabis, as well as the homegrowing industry and legislators
    - Publish in a scientific journal a summary of the results of the surveys
    - Publish the proposed final draft law in a
    - Present, disseminate and defend this proposal before society and politicians

    Support projects
    - Conduct studies that support the proposal
    - To obtain changes in the application of the law through trials and judgments
    - Platform for exchange of knowledge, best practices, evidence based and successful methods for decision makers and specialists.
    - Co-organisation of regional seminars and conferences in diferent cities and providing access to leading specialists as keynote speakers.
    - Publication Cannabis Issues For Policy Makers
    - Publication Drug Policy and Human Rights for Policy makers
    As outlined under our goals and remit

    Other activities

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