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Registration as it was on 03 Mar 2023
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Financial year: Jan 2021 - Dec 2021

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  • Info

    Social Services Europe   (SSE)

    EU Transparency Register

    470169313931-02 First registered on 09 Jul 2014

    Goals / Remit

    Social Services Europe brings together eight Europe-wide networks of not-for-profit providers of social and health care services – currently comprising Caritas Europa, CEDAG, E.A.N., EASPD, EPR, Eurodiaconia, FEANTSA and the Red Cross EU Office, representing over 200,000 not-for-profit social and health care organisations – who each have a track record in providing value-driven services for persons in need. Our members support millions of people in various stages in life, such as children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, people at risk or experiencing poverty and social exclusion, homeless people, migrants and asylum seekers and other vulnerable groups. They offer care, support, guidance, education and training services, with the aim to empower the people needing them. The network aims to strengthen the profile and position of social services in a sector employing in 2018 over 11 million people, and promote the role of not-for-profit social service providers in Europe.

    Main EU files targeted

    Social Services Europe aims to strengthen the profile and position of social services, and to promote the role of not-for-profit social service providers throughout Europe. Furthermore, the network wants to ensure that the specificity of not-for-profit social and health care service providers is recognised and that supportive and adequate economic, social and legal conditions exist for quality social and health care services, both at EU-level and within the EU MS. SSE also supports a culture of effective social dialogue and industrial relations. SSE members want to use the EU-level non-legislative and legislative initiatives as “hook” and leverage to influence policies, regulation and the EU funding instruments. They seek exchange, cooperation and partnership in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of EU policies, legislation and funds. They are reunited by a positive and constructive, but – where needed – also critical attitude towards the European institutions and the European integration project.

    Social Services Europe’s working areas are (social and health) services of general interest – i.e. more concretely a sustainable and supportive legal/regulatory, financial and quality EU-level framework for social services –, the role of social service providers, staff and human resource issues, the quality of social services, social innovation, social economy, EU Structural Funds and the European Semester.

    As of August 2021, the members of Social Services Europe have identified the following possible “hooks” for their future joint work and activities:
    • European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) (November 2017) and European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan (EPSR AP) (4 March 2021)
    • EU Action Plan on Social Economy (likely to be launched on 8 Decmeber 2021)
    • European Disability Strategy (EDS) 2020-2030 (3 March 2021)
    • European Platform on Combating Homelessness (21 June 2021) and Affordable Housing Initiative (Q2/2021)
    • European Care Strategy (announced as “Initiative on Long-Term Care” in the EPSR AP for Q3/2022) and Green Paper on Ageing (27 January 2021) [Relevant existing study: SPC/DG EMPL 2021 Long-term Care Report: Trends, challenges and opportunities in an ageing society]
    • Council Recommendation on Establishing the European Child Guarantee (24 March 2021) + EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child (24 March 2021) [Relevant existing reference document: Council Recommendation on High Quality Early Childhood Education and Care Systems (22 May 2019). For 2022 the EPSR AP announces a revision of the Barcelona targets on early childhood education and care]
    • EU Report on Essential Services (announced for Q2/2022)
    • EC Recommendation on Effective Active Support to Employment (4 March 2021)
    • EU Initiative on Individual Learning Accounts and European approach to micro-credentials (both to be issued in Q4/2021) [Relevant existing reference documents: European Skills Agenda (30 June 2020); Council Recommendation on Vocational Education and Training for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness and resilience (24 November 2020)]
    • EC Guide [official title: Commission Notice] “Buying Social – a guide to taking account of social considerations in public procurement (2nd edition)” (26 May 2021)
    • European Social Fund + (ESF+) as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), European Fund for Strategic Investment (ESIF) and Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF)
    • European Semester, in particular Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs)
    • European Green Deal (EGD) (11 December 2019) and Renovation Wave (14 October 2020)


    Head Office
    c/o EASPD Rue du Commerce 72
    Brussels 1040
    EU Office
    c/o EASPD Rue du Commerce 72
    Brussels 1040


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    Name Start date End Date
    Ms Mildred KEWAN 18 Sep 2019 18 Mar 2020
    Mr Sergi QUERALT 20 Sep 2018 18 Sep 2019
    Ms Sandra Cristina NICOLAU LIMA 15 Feb 2018 16 Feb 2019
    Ms Camilla JENSEN 19 Sep 2017 15 Feb 2018

    Complementary Information

    Social Services Europe is a platform of platforms with light infrastructure. The organisation has one intern, but otherwise no own employees, it relies on rotating presidencies among the eight member organisations. Regular workloads are shared between the Social Service Europe board members, a policy officers group and a communications officers group.

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    Federation of European Social Employers (SSE is an observer member)

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    Commission expert group on social economy and social enterprises #E03576# #Member #C#Other

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    The list below only covers meetings held since November 2014 with commissioners, their cabinet members or directors-general at the European Commission; other lobby meetings with lower-level staff may have taken place, but the European Commission doesn't publish information about such meetings. All information below comes from European Commission web pages.

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