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No longer registered as of 02 Aug 2018 - Registration as it was on 25 Jan 2018
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    EU Transparency Register

    817453627902-72 First registered on 01 Aug 2017

    Goals / Remit

    Sugarwise's goals are to reduce ill health, as well as the concomitant burdens on public health systems, related to the over-consumption of free sugars. These include, notably, metabolic syndrome, diabetes type II and obesity. To do this, Sugarwise identifies, engages with and promotes methods of sugar reduction that are deemed to be effective in the near and long term, paying special attention to efficacy in disadvantaged communities.

    Main EU files targeted

    Sugarwise is responding to the European Commission's evaluation of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 (Nutrition and Health Claims – NHC Regulation). Our position is that the special status of sugar and sugar related diseases warrants an exception whereby sugar claims will be permitted even where e.g. saturated fat content is high. This would recognise that the scientific consensus on the harm done by sugar is more robust than fat or salt, and the urgency of sugar reduction is widely acknowledged to be more pressing.


    Head Office
    5 Signet Court
    Cambridge CB5 8LA
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    0 accreditations were / are live (in bold) for the selected state of 24 Jun 2024

    Name Start date End Date
    Mr Keith VAZ 06 Sep 2017 16 Aug 2018
    Mr Jim PAINTER 06 Sep 2017 16 Aug 2018
    Ms Isabelle TURNEY 05 Sep 2017 16 Aug 2018
    Mr Andrew MATTHEWS 05 Sep 2017 16 Aug 2018
    Mr Luke FERNANDES 05 Sep 2017 16 Aug 2018
    Ms Sara PLATINGS 01 Sep 2017 16 Aug 2018
    Ms Holly PHILIPPS 01 Sep 2017 16 Aug 2018
    Ms Olivia HUDSON 01 Sep 2017 16 Aug 2018

    Complementary Information

    Sugarwise CEO has overall responsibility for public affairs, relevant consultations, involvement in industry fora etc. but delegates as needed to Sugarwise Head of Policy, who is responsible for driving forward the agenda in consultation with the rest of the Sugarwise team.

    Keith Vaz MP
    Dr Aseem Malhotra
    Dr Giles Yeo
    Rasik Kotecha

    Sara Platings
    Luke Fernandes
    Olivia Hudson
    Isabelle Turney
    Holly Philipps
    Andrew Matthews

    Person in charge of EU relations

    Mr Dan Greef (Head of Policy and Public Affairs)

    Person with legal responsibility

    Ms Sara Platings (CEO)

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    Other financial info

    SweetLeaf and Sun-Maid, as founding members, donate approx. £1700 p.m. apiece to Sugarwise.

  • EU Structures

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    Communication activities

    Sugarwise hosts parliamentary summits connecting legislators with stakeholders on sugar, including scientists, manufacturers and retailers. Sugarwise will host the European Sugar Summit on 6th September in the European Parliament, bringing together stakeholders on sugar to discuss ways to improve availability, affordability and visibility of prepared and manufactured food and drink which is lower in free sugars. A similar summit will take place in the UK Parliament a week later on the 13th.
    Sugarwise maintains a campaign called #DontTaxHealthy which puts pressure on governments to reduce the tax burden on manufacturers doing the right thing by their consumers vis-a-vis free sugar content.Sugarwise is due to host a
    Sugarwise collaborates with various media partners to promote lower sugar lifestyles. Sugarwise recently partnered with Aceville Publications to produce a quality checked recipe book called 'Sugar Free'.

    Other activities

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