TISPOL European Traffic Police Network.

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Registration as it was on 12 Dec 2016
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Financial year: Jun 2015 - Jun 2016

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  • Info

    TISPOL European Traffic Police Network.   (TISPOL)

    EU Transparency Register

    549939325042-62 First registered on 12 Dec 2016

    Goals / Remit

    TISPOL is the European Traffic Police Network.
    Is is made up of Council member representing the national Police Services of the 28 member states and Norway and Switzerland. Its remit is to support the promotion and delivery of a safer road network across Europe and to support the 2020 target of reducing road deaths by 50% by 2020. At is core it has a strategic plan to deliver safer and secure roads.
    Member countries work together to deliver Policing operations across Europe which tackle cross border activity.
    Our annual calendar of events includes 12 policing operations which focus on the main causes of fatalities and serious injuries on our roads.

    Further we run seminars and operational police officer exchanges to exchange good practice and experience across Europe. Knowledge and good practice is shared.

    Key stakeholder engagements and partnerships with Governments, NGO, and the wider road safety network enables TISPOL to progress the aims of the organisation.

    Enforcement of road traffic offences and the pursuit of criminals who use the road network and thus by their activity endanger the lives of road users is a key focus of our activity.

    Support is given to those countries and regions that require our support and advise.

    An important aspect of our work is our partnership with the European Commission. Successfully delivering on European wide projects with excellent results that support the 2020 target.

    Main EU files targeted

    Cross Border Directive.

    Traffic Enforcement legislation of each member state.

    Criminal law of each member state.

    Project Strider ( D.G Move)

    RPA Projects 1,2,3,4,5 ( D.G Home)


    Head Office
    83 Ducie Stret.
    Manchester M1 2JQ
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    Person in charge of EU relations

    Ms Ruth Purdie (General Secretary)

    Person with legal responsibility

    Ms Ruth Purdie (General Secretary)

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    Jun 2015 - Jun 2016

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    800,000 € (Source: D.G Move and D.G Home)

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  • EU Structures

    Groups (European Commission)

    LandSec. - MOVE Landsec EU Expert Group for Land Transport Security.
    Cross Border Directive. - Expert group.
    Enforcement. - Expert Group.



    Groups (European Parliament)


    Communication activities

    All TISPOL activities are grounded in the legislative requirement of each member state to enforcement of road traffic and criminal offences on the road network.

    Thus all media , communication focus of TISPOL supports this.

    Working with all member states TISPOL, delivers on projects, operations and specific programmes of activity to deliver results, education and activities that support a safer and secure road network across Europe. Activity includes partnerships with all members states, The European Commission, EUROPOL and Road Safety networks.

    Other activities

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