Trans Africa Railway Corporation Ltd.

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Registration as it was on 30 Nov 2022
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  • Info

    Trans Africa Railway Corporation Ltd.   (TARC)

    EU Transparency Register

    341619043223-80 First registered on 18 Jun 2021

    Goals / Remit

    TARC for Trade Acceleration by Regional Connectivity: TARC strives to be Africa’s Tech Giant No 1 in a 10 years period, providing high tech mobility solutions on the continent, by connecting capitals with high tech services into urban areas and all regional economic communities. Transport services with speed rail will enable us to be the No 1 choice for all transport needs of people and goods. TARC will enable the free transport within AfCFTA for the Africa we want.

    Marshal Plan DBFOM for 35 years; No new debt for Governments in Africa; Win-Win for EU-AU, RECs and Countries.
    6gr/km CO2 Emission; Max. contribution ECO Environment; Min Carbon Footprint/CO2-Certificates.
    Boost Intra Africa Trade and Economy by providing Infrastructure No1 of AfCFTA, connect to Asia and the EU Belt.

    Main EU files targeted

    European Parliament 2019-2024
    New EU-Africa Strategy
    European Parliament resolution of 25 March 2021 on a new EU-Africa Strategy – a partnership for sustainable and inclusive development (2020/2041(INI))


    Head Office
    Trans Africa Railway Corporation Ltd. Headquarters, Twum Memorial Building 8 Blohum Road
    Accra Kaneshi - P.O.Box KN 632
    EU Office
    Christian R. Gutzwiller Batloggstrasse 80
    Schruns 6780


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    Start-Up, project in development, no funding available yet; however, in contact with financial industry, governments, and other sponsoring organisations to obtain funding.

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    The list below only covers meetings held since November 2014 with commissioners, their cabinet members or directors-general at the European Commission; other lobby meetings with lower-level staff may have taken place, but the European Commission doesn't publish information about such meetings. All information below comes from European Commission web pages.

    • Date 28 Jun 2021 Location Online
      Subject TARC presented the inception phase of their project for developing high speed railway in Africa. They explained the state of play and the objectives of their proposal.
      Cabinet Cabinet of Commissioner Johannes Hahn
      Portfolio Budget and Administration
      • Sibylle Bikar (Cabinet member)
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