Women Against Violence Europe Network

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Registration as it was on 31 May 2023
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Since 20 September 2021 self-declared 'non-commercial organisations' are no longer required to provide a lobby budget. See above timeline for this registrant's historical lobby budget.

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Financial year: Jan 2022 - Dec 2022

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  • Info

    Women Against Violence Europe Network   (WAVE)

    EU Transparency Register

    820880834847-22 First registered on 22 May 2019

    Goals / Remit

    WAVE is a network of 169 members in 46 European countries, all working towards tackling and preventing violence against women and their children. WAVE members are women's specialist services such as shelters, centres and helplines, some are also national networks of such organisations. WAVE's main areas of work are 1) Advocacy & Campaigning for a) better legislation, and implementation of existing legislation to tackle violence against women and b) sufficient funding for women's specialist services, 2) Capacity building and networking for our members through trainings, conferences and partnership projects, 3) Data Collection on the status of WSS in our member countries which is published every 2 years. WAVE also publishes regular newsletters, social media posts, blog contributions and an online magazine Fempower.

    Main EU files targeted

    Draft EU Directive on combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (from 2022)
    European Commission Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025
    EU Victims’ Rights Directive
    EU Victims’ Rights Strategy 2020-2025
    EU accession to the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Istanbul Convention)
    Directive 2011/99/EU on European Protection Order (EPO)
    Directive 2012/29/EU (Victim's Directive)
    Regulation EU no. 606/2013


    Head Office
    Bacherplatz 10/6
    Vienna 1050
    EU Office
    Bacherplatz 10/6
    Vienna 1050


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    Name Start date End Date
    Ms Eliana Pilar JIMENO CARPINTERO 14 Nov 2023 14 Dec 2023

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    Non-governmental organisations, platforms and networks and similar

  • Networking


    Global Network of Women's Shelters https://gnws.org/

    Social Platform https://www.socialplatform.org/

    European Coalition to end Violence Against Women & Girls https://www.womenlobby.org/EuropeanCoalition-to-End-violence-against-women-and-girls?lang=en

    Member organisations

    None declared

  • Financial Data

    Interests represented

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    Closed financial year

    Jan 2022 - Dec 2022

    Lobbying costs for closed financial year

    Since 20 September 2021 self-declared 'non-commercial organisations' are no longer required to provide a lobby budget. See above timeline for this registrant's historical lobby budget.

    Total organisational budget in closed year


    Major funding types in closed year

    Member's contribution, Grants, Donations, EU funding

    Major contributions in closed year

    Contribution OAK Foundation 212,616€
    Contribution UN Women partnership project 53,831€
    Contribution WAVE membership fees 25,019€
    Contribution Donations COVID related & others 51,652€
    Contribution Austrian Ministry for Social & Labour Affairs plus COVID special funding 64,808€
    Contribution Austrian Ministry for Women & Family Affairs 23,780€
    Contribution City of Vienna Department for Women's affairs 35,000€
    Contribution WAVE Fundraising Ukraine 36,519€
    Contribution Open Society Foundation small grants Ukraine 75,219€
    Contribution OSCE Partner project 30,000€
    Contribution DG Justice & Consumers 101034102 — WAVE Network OG 2021 502,500€
    Grant EC DG Justice & Consumers REC-NETW-OG-2021 502,500€

    Major contributions in current year

    Grant European Commission Citizens, Equality, Rights & Values Programme - CERV-2021-OG-FPA 502,500€

    Other financial info

    Please note that the budget parts labelled as Ukraine fundraising or small grants Ukraine where directly passed on to WAVE member organisations in the Ukraine, as well as those members in neighbouring countries who support women and children fleeing the war in Ukraine.

  • EU Structures

    Groups (European Commission)


    Groups (European Parliament)

    Children's rights#LGTBI#any meetings related to violence against women and girls

    Communication activities

    Through data collection and analysis about women’s specialist support services for women and girls experiencing gender-based violence, across the EU and other European regions, WAVE identifies gaps and barriers in support services and implementation of the IC and other international legal frameworks (biennial WAVE Country Report and Database on women's specialist services in 46 countries).
    Online and in-person advocacy and campaigning for stronger legislative frameworks for effective prevention and tackling of violence against women and girls (VAWG) and inclusion of women's specialist services (WSS) as the experts and crucial civil society partners they are in tackling VAWG, in the drafting and implementation process of key legislative frameworks on VAWG.
    Additionally, WAVE raises awareness on EU policies related to violence prevention and protection and is able to target different audiences in Europe through four social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), the WAVE “Fempower Magazine” and periodic online actions involving the WAVE Youth Ambassadors. WAVE Youth Ambassadors raise awareness among their peers in 14 European languages and thus promote EU values on national level. On external level, the WAVE Information Centre performs an important consultation service to professionals with international questions on male VAWG (around 100 requests are processed per year). In addition, around 30-40 women survivors in international and cross-border cases are supported annually by the Information Centre. The Database accessible on the website holds a unique registry of over 1,550 vetted entries of WSS in 46 European countries, which is accessible to women experiencing male VAWG or agencies supporting them. This is an important resource for centralized and verified knowledge. All these activities result in harmonized European data collection and increased awareness on VAWG.

    Other activities

    None declared

  • Meetings


    3 meetings found. Download meetings

    The list below only covers meetings held since November 2014 with commissioners, their cabinet members or directors-general at the European Commission; other lobby meetings with lower-level staff may have taken place, but the European Commission doesn't proactively publish information about these meetings. For more information about which commissioner is responsible for which portfolio, check out this link: https://commissioners.ec.europa.eu/index_en All information below comes from European Commission web pages.

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