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LobbyFacts is a joint project of Corporate Europe Observatory and LobbyControl. Please consider making a donation to the organisations behind this project. Your contributions enable us to maintain and develop LobbyFacts, and will also support our wider work to expose corporate lobbying and to campaign for greater lobby transparency.

Corporate Europe Observatory

Corporate Europe Observatory is the only organisation in Europe constantly monitoring and challenging the influence of corporate lobby groups in the EU. Our work assists journalists, researchers and civil society to hold decision-makers to account. We are a small team that is fully independent of funding from the EU, governments, and corporations - thanks to your support we can keep it that way. You can donate to Corporate Europe Observatory here or join our newsletter list.


LobbyControl is a non-profit association that educates about power structures and influence strategies in Germany and the EU. Lobbying in its present form is harmful to democracy. We want everyone's vote to count, not just those of a few influential people: that is what we are working for. Independent funding is our foundation and we aim to make our critique of lobbying loud and clear. You can donate to LobbyControl here or join our newsletter list.

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