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Registration as it was on 21 Nov 2023
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Since 20 September 2021 self-declared 'non-commercial organisations' are no longer required to provide a lobby budget. See above timeline for this registrant's historical lobby budget.

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Financial year: Jan 2022 - Dec 2022

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  • Info

    European Civic Forum   (ECF)

    EU Transparency Register

    981872117501-10 First registered on 26 May 2015

    Goals / Remit

    The European Civic Forum (ECF) is a transnational network that brings together over 100 associations and NGOs across 27 countries in Europe and is actively working to promote civic and popular ownership of Europe, to foster citizens’ participation and the emergence of a European public space where the role and influence of civil society are fully recognised though the setting up of a genuine European civil dialogue.

    Main EU files targeted

    Since its creation in 2005, the European Civic Forum has been particularly work­ing to:

    - Enable civic participation through citi­zens’ associations and movements for a Europe grounded on Equality, Soli­darity and Democracy that guarantees effective access to rights for all
    - Support the structuring of European civil society movement through alli­ance building, collective thinking and joint campaigning for the common good
    - Fight for the institutional recognition of civil society through the setting up of a genuine European civil dialogue

    Besides these activities, the European Civic Forum is following with particular attention the situation of fundamental rights and the safeguarding of civic space in European countries. Eventually, the ECF is actively following the evolution of Transparency at the European level.


    Head Office
    167, boulevard de la Villette
    Paris 75010
    EU Office
    Rue du Congrès 13
    Brussels 1000


  • People

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    Employment timeLobbyists

    Lobbyists (Full time equivalent)


    Lobbyists with EP accreditation

    All Lobbyists with EP accreditation over time

    2 accreditations were / are live (in bold) for the selected state of 26 Feb 2024

    Name Start date End Date
    Ms Aarti NARSEE 23 Nov 2023 21 Nov 2024
    Ms Giada NEGRI 09 Nov 2023 08 Nov 2024
    Mr Vladimir SESTOVIC 10 Sep 2019 10 Sep 2020
    Ms Giada NEGRI 10 Sep 2019 10 Sep 2020
    Ms Giorgia GUSCIGLIO 10 Sep 2019 10 Jun 2020
    Mr Vladimir SESTOVIC 09 Jan 2018 09 Jan 2019
    Ms Giada NEGRI 07 Dec 2017 06 Jun 2018
    Mr Vladimir SESTOVIC 23 Dec 2016 23 Dec 2017
    Mr Valentin DUPOUEY 08 Dec 2015 06 Sep 2016
    Mr Vladimir SESTOVIC 05 Dec 2015 03 Dec 2016
    Ms Alexandrina NAJMOWICZ 04 Dec 2015 02 Dec 2016

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    Non-governmental organisations, platforms and networks and similar

  • Networking


    The ECF is a founding and active member of Civil Society Europe - the European Coordination of Organised Civil Society (

    We are also part of CIVICUS Global Alliance (

    Member organisations

    None declared

  • Financial Data

    Interests represented

    Does not represent commercial interests

    Closed financial year

    Jan 2022 - Dec 2022

    Lobbying costs for closed financial year

    Since 20 September 2021 self-declared 'non-commercial organisations' are no longer required to provide a lobby budget. See above timeline for this registrant's historical lobby budget.

    Total organisational budget in closed year


    Major funding types in closed year

    EU funding, Member's contribution, Grants

    Major contributions in closed year

    Contribution Open Society Foundation 64,268€
    Contribution European Commission 300,000€
    Contribution CIVICUS Alliance 16,000€
    Grant European Commission - EACEA 300,000€

    Major contributions in current year

    Grant European Commission - Union and Values programme 300,000€

    Other financial info

    The European Civic Forum has signed a Framework Partnership Agreement with the European Commission, for the period 2022-2025. This enables ECF to receive an annual Operating Grant from the CERV programme, on Citizens' engagement and participation.

  • EU Structures

    Groups (European Commission)


    Groups (European Parliament)


    Communication activities

    In order to fully achieve its missions, the European Civic Forum is taking action through different forms:

    - Connecting civil society actors transnationally and cross-sectorally through conferences, forums, alliances, working groups
    - Participating in civil dialogue struc­tures at European level
    - Running campaigns for the recognition of civil society organisations in the policy making process at European, national or local level.

    Among its major events, the ECF is organising its European Civic Academy and the Civic Pride Awards every year. These two events aim at illustrating a positive change in community life, either coming from NGOs or from locally organised individuals. These are also moments where actors from different backgrounds can meet and learn from each other's experiences.

    Other activities

    The European Civic Forum is also a member of the Civil Dialogue group on Europe for Citizens within the DG Home.
    The president of the ECF, Jean-Marc ROIRANT, is also Chair of Civil Society Europe, the European Coordination of organised civil society.

    Alexandrina Najmowicz is the Co-chair of the CSOs Convention, launched by Civil Society Europe to feed into the process of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

  • Meetings


    10 meetings found. Download meetings

    The list below only covers meetings held since November 2014 with commissioners, their cabinet members or directors-general at the European Commission; other lobby meetings with lower-level staff may have taken place, but the European Commission doesn't proactively publish information about these meetings. For more information about which commissioner is responsible for which portfolio, check out this link: All information below comes from European Commission web pages.

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