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No longer registered as of 13 May 2022 - Registration as it was on 04 Jan 2021
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    National Energy Ombudsmen Network   (NEON)

    EU Transparency Register

    412752013756-49 First registered on 05 Jun 2014

    Goals / Remit

    NEON is the European network of independent, not-for-profit consumer dispute-resolution services and ombudsmen active in the energy sector. Our members have the public mandate to provide an easily-accessible and free-of-charge way to solve disputes between consumers and companies.

    We work to:
    - encourage the protection and empowerment of energy consumers through the promotion of statutory, public-interest and independent complaint-resolution bodies;
    - promote a specific model of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), based on independent, national and regional ADR services that defend the general interest and the rights of all consumers;
    - represent our members at European level and to link up with European counterparts in the fields of energy and consumer protection;
    - facilitate the exchange of information, experience and good practices among our members.

    Main EU files targeted

    Energy, Consumer protection, redress, alternative dispute resolution, legal matters, Energy Union, Clean Energy Package, New Deal for Consumers


    Head Office
    Boulevard du Roi Albert II 8
    North Gate II
    BRUXELLES 1000
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    Annette JANTZEN 06 Mar 2019 06 Mar 2020
    Annette JANTZEN 16 Mar 2018 06 Mar 2019
    Ms Marine Cornelis 29 Mar 2017 24 Mar 2018
    Ms Marine Cornelis 23 Mar 2016 22 Mar 2017
    Ms Marine Cornelis 10 Apr 2015 23 Mar 2016

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    Article 27 - Administering the accounts
    27.1. An account is opened with a financial organisation under Belgian law in the name of NEON and is signed for by the President and the Treasurer.
    27.2. The financial year starts on 1st January and ends on 31st December of each year.
    The Administrative body shall submit for approval from General Assembly previous year’s accounts and next year's budget.
    27.3. The previous year’s accounts are approved until the end of March and next year’s budget is approved each year by the last week of November.
    27.4. The budget is voted by effective members and associate members by the majority of two-thirds of the votes of the effective and associate members present or represented.
    27.5. Financial transactions on behalf of NEON require the joint signature of the President and the Treasurer. For expenses of less than 2,500 euros (or an equal value in another currency from the European Union), each of them may act alone. If the President and the Treasurer are unable to do so, such operations shall be made by the deputy President together with a Member of the Administrative body.
    As planned by article 26.3, the Secretary General is in charge of the daily management of the cash flows and reports it to the President and Treasurer. Recurring expenditures and minor expenses, up to a maximum amount determined by the Administrative Body, are made by the Secretary General.
    27.6. The General Assembly can decide the constitution of a reserve fund; fix the amount and terms of the contribution due from each member to this fund. The remaining funds from the previous years are part of the reserve fund.

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    Communication activities

    The number of NEON members rose to nine, collectively serving over 220 million Europeans.

    In November 2019 NEON joined the organisations who support the Guide on Bundled Products developed by the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER).

    During the last year, two events were organised: a roundtable on Ombudsmen in the New Deal for Consumers that took place in Brussels and a workshop on smart meter-related complaints that was held in Dublin.

    NEON organised an event on the Clean Energy Package on 21 March 2017, looking at what's at stake for consumers, prosumers and ombudsmen/ADR bodies.

    NEON set up a policy session on New Market, New Consumers, New Challenges, organised in the framework of the European Sustainable Energy Week 2016.

    NEON organised a workshop on “Designing a Consumer Code for New Energy Consumers” on Wednesday, 10 February in Brussels. NEON presented its proposal for a Consumer Code, a series of thirteen key recommendations aimed to protect end consumers, with the principle of solidarity and responsibility at its core.

    In March 2015, during the 7th Citizens' Energy Forum, NEON, the National Energy Ombudsmen Network, presented the report on ADR in the Energy Sector in Europe conducted by Dr Naomi Creutzfeldt, ESRC Research Fellow, Fellow of Wolfson College Centre for Socio-Legal Studies - University of Oxford, and commissioned by NEON.

    On 27 January 2015, at the European Parliament, NEON organised its first conference on “Strengthening ADR in the Energy sector”, at the European Parliament in Brussels.

    Other activities

    NEON was part of several European Commission working groups and initiatives, such as the “Vulnerable Consumer” and "Data Management" Working Groups. NEON is also represented in the Citizen's Energy Forum (Dublin Forum).

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