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Registration as it was on 27 Nov 2023
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  • Info

    PLUX Consulting - European Affairs & Communications

    EU Transparency Register

    619000952077-56 First registered on 27 Nov 2023

    Goals / Remit

    PLUX Consulting is a consultancy firm that specialises in European affairs and communications. Our firm advises companies, trade associations and NGOs on representing their interests vis-à-vis the institutions of the European Union. The aim is to influence the European Union's legislative projects and decision-making processes. The addressees of these activities are primarily the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council. We offer our clients strategic and practical support in representing their political interests. This includes monitoring and analysing the activities of the EU institutions, drafting position papers, amendments, briefing documents, presentations, etc., organising events and arranging personal meetings with EU policymakers.

    Main EU files targeted

    On behalf of its client, PLUX Consulting currently follows all initiatives related to the regulation of transparency and the regulation of the professional activities of European affairs professionals. These activities focus on: (a) Codes of Conduct in all EU Institutions; (b) Inter-Institutional Agreement on a Mandatory Register for Lobbyists; (c) Revolving doors; (d) Transparency and Access beyond the IIA; (e) Defence of Democracy Package; (f) Science and Technology in Public Affairs.


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    Self-employed individuals

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    + Society of European Affairs Professionals (SEAP)
    + Press Club Brussels Europe
    + Syndicat Neutre pour Indépendants (SNI)

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    Communication activities

    To support our client's lobbying activities, PLUX Consulting designs and implements a range of targeted communication activities. Elements of such campaigns include press releases, letters to the editor, brochures as well as social media posts. In addition, we organise events for our client - for example, conferences, seminars, expert roundtables, etc. - with policymakers and officials from the EU institutions as well as other stakeholders. These serve the direct exchange of views on legislative procedures and other political initiatives of the European Union.

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